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1. The way my hair looks good hair dried with a hairdryer, or naturally dried
2. My hair looks good long or short (after a bit of work!)
3. My hair dyes really well and looks awesome brown, red and blonde.
4. I have an hourglass body shape
5. My pale skin
6. The colour of my eyes
7. My eyelashes (when they exist)
8. The way my parting will always go back to where it should me
9. My tiny hands
10. The way my jewellery means more than its cost.
11. My SMILE
12. My nice straight teeth
13. That I can touch my nose with my tongue :’)
14. Muscle definition in my arms and legs
15. The way my “tan” is pale to everyone else :’)
16. My boobs. End of.
17. The fact I can do anything if I put my mind to it
18. My intelligence, even if sometimes it’s hard.
19. My ability to keep fighting (my stubbornness)
20. The way I can talk to anyone.
  Posted 6 years ago
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