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A goal of Megan on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of In Progress.
Random recipe #2-- My girlfriend was highly amused by this challenge and insisted that picking a page number while in an entirely different state from the book counted as even more random. She picked page 69, naturally. This one shouldn't be too bad, although I'm not sure when it's going to be safe to buy ground beef.
Added 8 months ago • 2 people like this
Anne-Marie O'Neill It's not safe to buy ground beef in your country?
8 months ago
Amore di te Nice and easy.. add pasta sauce and your done!
8 months ago
Megan Anne-Marie, it wasn't for a bit. We're in the middle of a government shutdown while politicians bicker, which means people like food safety inspectors weren't on duty.
7 months ago
Other notes for this Goal:

Homemade sloppy joes done. This. Was. So. Bland. I tried it in the spirit of the goal, but I ended up doctoring the rest of the batch pretty liberally for a sauce with some flavor.

Random recipe #1-- Ambrosia salad, picked by closing my eyes and letting the book fall open. This has sour cream and powdered sugar in the same recipe. Damn you, 1950s. At least it's not some kind of aspic.

Went to the 641s of the library, closed my eyes, spun around a bit, and waved my finger around the shelves while counting to seven. Came up with this baby. This...should be interesting.