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* Keep strong when I try to better myself over time
* Get involved in life, get more out of life.
* Less video games and internet reading, more music playing and book reading
* Increase my self discipline
* Increase my self confidence
* Increase my overall fitness
* Become more mature
* Become more socially inclined
* Exercise more often mentally and physically
* Practice consistency, especially when working
* Stop Procrastinating
* Get a more consistent sleeping schedule
* Stop focusing my faults focusing on my strengths
* Practice cautious optimism at every opportunity
* Play games for less than two hours a day
* Tone down on impulsiveness
* Get out of debt
* Slow down once in a while
* Earn and save more money, get myself out of debt
* Spend more time with family and friends
* Don't let first impressions of others completely influence my judgment
*Write more often
  Posted 8 years ago
Other notes for this Goal:
-Social introversion/ineptitude