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A goal of Pan Reas on their Original 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.
Feb 2:
Breakfast – Up & Go
Lunch – Vegetarian sushi rolls
Snacks – Banana, apple, Cookies & Cream bites, apple & blackberry pie, cheese & garlic twist

Feb 3:
Breakfast – Up & Go
Lunch – egg & hash potato on toast
Dinner – vegetable korma (carrot, cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli, mushroom) with roti
Snacks – apple, Cookies & Cream bites

Feb 4:
Breakfast – Up & Go
Lunch – Grill’d Garden Goodness burger (veggie pattie with beetroot, tasty cheese, avocado, salad, relish & herbed mayo)
Dinner – Moroccan tagine (root vegetables and spiced rice) – delicious
Snacks – apple, Cookies & Cream bites

Feb 5:
Breakfast – peaches
Lunch – chickpeas with chia seeds and seasoning
Dinner (ayurvedic cooking course) – spiced cauliflower, corn bhel, tomato boat salad, peanut and sesame seed ball
Snacks – Tim Tams, apple, tomato, ice cream

Feb 6:
Breakfast – plums and almonds
Lunch – chickpea and lentil salad
Dinner (ayurvedic cooking course) – spiced okra, moong wrap, lentil salad, royal halawa
Snacks – apples

Feb 7:
Breakfast – apples
Lunch – rice and vegetable bento
Dinner (ayurvedic cooking course) – raw vegetable salad, French bean fry, vegetable patties, tomato and beetroot soup

Feb 8:
No breakfast
Lunch – beetroot terrine with radicchio, goat curd and toast
Dinner (ayurvedic cooking course) – tropical salad, corn spinach soup, khamani, pearl pudding
Supper – quinoa with haloumi, spring onion and basil
Snacks – hedgehog

Feb 9:
Breakfast – Cherry yoghurt with banana and apple
Lunch – cauliflower and tomato
Dinner (ayurvedic cooking course) – large selection of vegetarian dishes
Snacks – Tim Tams
  Posted 6 years ago
Other notes for this Goal:

I made sure I consciously avoided meat and seafood in my diet. I particularly tried to focus on eating more vegetables and fruit instead of more grains, sugar or fatty food and only a couple of times ate processed fake meat. I took an ayurvedic cooking class which pointed out some other foods to minimise or avoid.

It really wasn't hard. I felt fine. I didn't really miss meat. The only times I generally crave meat strongly are when I'm sick but I didn't get sick, at least not enough to need meat, during the month. I'm not sure I noticed feeling that much healthier. Maybe, but maybe I would need longer to really do so.

You can find my month's food diary here: http://www.43things.com/people/progress/pancreas24601/16808560

It has begun!

Feb 1:
Breakfast - omelette
Lunch - grain salad (pearl couscous, quinoa, chia, almond, pine nuts, yoghurt, red onion, coriander)
Dinner - Shroom Burger from Beatbox Kitchen food truck (Portabello Mushroom, cos lettuce, gouda cheese, tomato, onion and stereo sauce in a soft white bun) - delicious!
Snacks - Maltesers, salted caramel gelato, fries with vegan mayo
Aiming for February!
This is on my day zero list, but I'm going to try to give blood first, as I'm a little low in iron and have to be careful in my timing for these two goals.

I have a list of Melbourne restaurants with good vegetarian options and love vegetables so this is definitely doable, I just have to plan it well.

My lovely girlfriend got me this book for Christmas which I think will be very helpful: