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A goal of Jennifer Zink on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.
Day 27: 10/20/15 - Back to my awkward little fruit, the tomato, today.
  Posted 4 years ago
Other notes for this Goal:

Day 31: 10/24/15 - Found out there was still a mandarin orange hiding in the fridge, so I ate that and REALLY finished off those oranges...AND I finished this challenge! WooHoo!!!
Day 30: 10/23/15 - Green grapes, the size of ping pong balls. Never in my life did I see grapes this huge. Could they be GMO? Or sprayed with some type of growth hormone? It sure makes me wonder.
Day 29: 10/22/15 - Finished the mandarin oranges today. Only two days left for this challenge!
Day 28: 10/21/15 - Enjoyed some green apple wedges, sliced thinly. It keeps them tart but not mouth-puckering sour.
Day 26: 10/19/15 - Little mandarin smiles today. :)
Day 25: 10/18/15 - Had a tomato today...and I'm still finding it weird calling it a fruit.
Day 24: 10/17/15 - Back to red apple today...and I can't believe I've eaten fruit 24 days in a row!!
Day 23: 10/16/15 - Encore! Encore! Gorgeous grapes again!
Day 22: 10/15/15 - Finally had my green, seedless grapes today! Yum!
Day 21: 10/14/15 - I had two yummy fruit cups today, larger in size than an apple, They included peaches, plums, and cherries. I loved the diversity.
Day 20: 10/13/15 - Green apple today...with peanut butter! Oh so good!
Day 19: 10/12/15 - Mandarin orange today. Even though I love mandarins, I was again thinking about green grapes. I really need to buy them.
Day 18: 10/11/15 - A banana sliced into thin-ish circles. I'm not sure why, but I get a better burst of banana flavor from each slice rather than biting off a chunk of banana.
Day 17: 10/10/15 - I'm smiling along with my little smiling mandarin orange slices today!
Day 16: 10/9/15 - While I ate my apple today, I was thinking I should buy some green, seedless grapes. They're so good.
Day 15: 10/8/15 - Green pear today...and I was surprised to learn that not many people like pears. Maybe it's because they're not very sweet?
Day 14: 10/7/15 - Pineapple continued...Hawaii on my mind
Day 13: 10/6/15 - Feeling tropical with pineapple!
Day 12: 10/5/15 - Green apple today for something different. I love how sour they are.
Day 11: 10/4/15 - I had a mandarin orange today. I love how each piece looks like a little smile.
Day 10: 10/3/15 - More of banana's mellow-sweet yumminess today. :)
Day 9: 10/2/15 - An apple today. Not much diversity lately, but this is the most fruit I've eaten in ages!
Day 8: 10/1/15 - Banana! One of my favorite fruits.
Day 7: 9/30/15 - Keeping the doctor away for the second day in row... with an apple today, too.
Day 6: 9/29/15 - Red Delicious apple... and delicious it was.
Day 5: 9/28/15 - Good enough for Round 2! Mandarin oranges again today.
Day 4: 9/27/15 - The ever yummy-sweet mandarin orange, with its chunks of uber-goodness.
Day 3: 9/26/15 - I almost missed it today and I would've had to start over! Around 11pm, I ate a plum.
Day 2: 9/25/15 - I had a twofer today...a pear and a peach.
Day 1: 9/24/15 - Starkrimson pear...my first ever!