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1) My eyes (shape and colour)
2) My legs
3) That I love to learn about things that interest me (Dinosaurs, Animal Care, Mythology, Yoga)
4) My love for reading
5) That I can be quite creative
6) My friendliness
7) I love animals (and even though I’m afraid of spiders I make sure they don’t get killed and instead put them outside)
8) I like the fact that my hair looks many different shades of brown
9) I generally have clear skin
10) My super soft skin
11) I like my long finger nails, great for painting
12) I like my neat handwriting
13) I like my small hands (bf's are so big compared to mine, he always says they are cute)
14) I love my long hair (it's nearly always falls below my bra and generally I keep growing my hair longer than my waist)
15) I like that I'm flexible
16) I like my curves (I've been told I have an hourglass shape)
17) I like to try new things
18) I like the clothes I wear (comfy and cute-sy)
19) I'm good at cooking
20) I like I'm a little crazy =P
  Posted 3 years ago
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