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A goal of Aden Lynch on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.
12% of this month's pay plus the $55 dollars for completed tasks puts my savings balance at roughly $420. Feeling good.
  Posted 1 years ago
Other notes for this Goal:
I was able to put away 15% of this month's check. Which put me well ahead and way over this goal!
12% of this month's (stupidly low) salary plus $15 for the three goals I completed this month, as well as paying off some personal debts and my savings account is at $680
Unfortunately ended up in a much more expensive part of the world than I thought I was going to. I had to pull most of my money out of savings... I now have about $25 in savings. I plan on saving 12% of each of my paychecks into savings for the next 6 months to make up for the loss. As well as adding my budgeted money for completed tasks.
Majorly bummed out, but I had an excellent holiday and I have a plan to earn it back. That's what money is for right?
Added 10% of my January income to my savings balance. I now have about $700.
My savings balance is currently $400 and I am going to talk with a financial advisor at the beginning of the summer about IRA and investment.