An alternative to boring New Years' resolutions.

Check out the results from the 2013 challenge

Seven prompts to get you thinking about what you want to
achieve in 2014.

A fun way to come up with goals for the New Year - sometimes the
first thing that comes to mind is the thing you most want to do.

Complete the boxes with your goals or ambitions and the results
will be saved to your profile.

The 7 Things Project is now closed for the year! Come back in December to submit your 2015 resolutions, and view the summary for this years submissions.
Learn how to ... A new skill or hobby?
Start ... Develop a habit.
Stop ... Break a habit.
Take a vacation to ... Where would you most like to vacation to?
Find ... What are you looking for?
Try ... One new thing you want to try.
Be more ... A personal characteristic to improve.