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Go to the dentist
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Made appointment for July!
Completed: Apr 27, 2023
Setting an arbitrary date for now. Hopeful I will be comfortable visiting a dentist by then.
On indefinite hold because COVID-19
I'm really really bad about seeing doctors. ANY kind of doctors.
Dentist appointment booked for the 4th December!
September 2018
I just calculated how much it'll cost me to get my teeth up to pair. Damn.
torture. i hate tooth maintenance. i think i need to switch dentists.
Appointment made - aargh!
No cavities by the grace of god
Went to the dentist THREE TIMES in September 2016 for a gum infection around my wisdom tooth. Appointment booked for wisdom tooth extraction.
July 2014 - I have been to the dentist.
Get damn teeth sorted out once and for all...
11/28/11 - I went to my dentist in Houston over Thanksgiving.
Proud of myself
Dental appointment: 25.June.2011
This needs to happen fairly soon. I need an implant, or at least for someone to remove the last piece of orthodontic apparatus from my mouth.

Explanation: I'm missing an adult tooth on the top left side of my mouth. When I was a teenager, my dentist removed the baby tooth and used my braces to pull the tooth behind it forward - both to make the gap less visible (because it would be further back in my mouth) and to encourage bone growth so that a future implant would have sufficient bone to hold onto. The gap has since been maintained through creative use of orthodontic devices, and while my teeth are doing just fine, the metal is digging into my gum and that's bad.