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Get married
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The last bar was called Gen-X. Everything was 80's based. I'm very fortunate to have all my children with me from beginning to end. One of the best days of my life
The third bar was c1949. A beer and wine garden where we held a silent Disco.
The second stop was a Shuffle Board Bar where everyone got their shuffle on. We rented the inside of the bar.
The first stop was a Dive Bar which was literally next to The Theatre to get everyone in the festivities.
The Reception was a good old fashion Pub Crawl. We rented a tour bus to take our guests to four different bars where we had different things to do
My Bachelorette Party were my girlfriends dressed as Runaway Brides chasing me through the streets of Ybor. I was the lead actor/musician Freddie Mercury. The music playing with the film was Bohemian Rhapsody. I played it on the Big Screen that day
Backstage getting ready to make their debut.
So happy to spend this day with some of my closest girlfriends. My daughter snuck in this photo. 💗
Even with all the hurtles I faced I couldn't ask for a more perfect day. This wedding project literally took over all other projects!
Our theme was Phantom of The Opera. I couldn't think of a more beautiful setting than the historic Tampa Theatre.
The Marquee announcing the days matinee.
Well, We Did It! I'm still waiting for professional photos to come back, but I thought I would post a few from family and friends.
Our Wedding Cake. It ties in with the Breakfast Menu. Plus, I absolutely love it!
Prime Rib Sliders and Breakfast Tacos are also on the menu.
There will be a Parfait Station and Chicken Waffles Sliders with Honey Hot Sauce.
We're buying everyone either a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary and one of our Brunch Items is Lime Shrimp Ceviche.
After the wedding we will be going bar hopping, and I will be changing into these beauties. Again, our wedding will be very untraditional. We will be taking the Trolley through the city to hit some local establishments of the Bay Area.
I bought my dress on Etsy! It should arrive towards the end of April. The shoes are Betsey Johnson.
Our wedding will be very unconventional.
It's going to be the theme of Phantom of The Opera. We have asked all our guests to wear masquerade masks. There will be performances, and we are also putting together a five minute black and white film to play on the big screen.
So the organ on the left of the stage is on a platform that lowers beneath the stage underground. An organist always plays a song before a movie is shown. I get to come up with the organ on my wedding day to the theme song of Phantom of The Opera!
The Tampa Theatre was built in 1926. It's a Historic Landmark and will never be torn down. Movies have always been a big part of our lives. It is one of my favorite landmarks of Tampa.
I'm a True Gemini. I have once again changed plans, but this time we booked the venue and our caterer. I have even ordered my gown. I really feel good about it. So, it's happening this year! The date is set for Saturday morning on September 30,2023. The venue is the Tampa Theatre. The theme is The Phantom of The Opera. We have asked all our guests to wear Masquerade Masks. Since the wedding is in the morning we will have tables throughout the lobby of the theatre with brunch items.
Didn't work out too well...
We have gone from castles to yachts, but in the long run and opposite end of the spectrum we picked Fleetwood's in Asheville NC on Saturday October 21, 2023. We felt that it fit both our personalities. We want to have a Rad Halloween Themed Wedding where everyone has a blast. I'm excited!
9th of July 2021 (we had to postpone bc of COVID-19)
Getting married on April 28th, 2018!
St John's Church and Highley Manor booked for Dec 2, 2017
Find the love of my life.
around 1000 - ? it is ware you want it or how you want it
Married the love of my life <3
Wedding planned for 28th April 2017.
This beautiful doctor has agreed to marry me. I'm so grateful to God for bringing such a wonderful person to my life.
November 7th, 2015 Oh what a big day that was. I am married now.
A photo taken by one of our best friends in an old power station on our wedding day :)
Got married to the love of my life on November 4, 2011
Got married on the 7th of September 2015 !
There's only 6 weeks to go until we get married, but I couldn't not put it on there!
We got married on the 25th of November, 2014. It was an absolutely lovely ceremony followed by an intimate evening with family and a few friends at the Pittsburgh Golf Club.
september 11!
12/12/14- We're engaged <3
1 maart 2013. GETROUWD! Wat een schitterende dag! En wat geeft het een goed en bijzonder gevoel dat je echt voor elkaar kiest.
Married Dave on May 24, 2014!
♥♥♥ Matt and I started our next chapter on June 7, 2014. ♥♥♥
We have a date! 6/13/15!