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Buy fresh flowers every month for a year
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Some pretty speckled poms
Slava Ukraini! Today marks 6 months since Russia's SUPER UNJUST and absolutely bonkers war on Ukraine started. We should be doing more!
I have been getting myself flowers every month I just keep forgetting to upload pictures lol 😂
Here is August's flowers
I did buy myself a living flower for February
March: Daffodils
January: Baby’s Breath
Oct 2020 - red pretty flowers 💐
Sept - pink hydrangeas
Aug - flower gift
May 2020 plants

April 2020 gift flowers
Feb 2020 pink tulips 🌷
Dec 2020 poinsettias
Jan 2020 - purple and white mixture
Month 1 - August 2019
March 20, 2019
1 - April 2018 - pink Tulips

2 - May 2018 - 3 white roses + other flowers

3 - June 2018 - pink carnations

4 - July 2018 - roses

5 - Aug 2018 - bouquet

6 - Sept 2018 - sunflowers

7 - Oct 2018 - mixed bouquet

8 - Nov 2018 - mixed bouquet

9 - Dec 2018 - mixed bouquet

10 - Jan 2019 - lilies

11 - Feb 2019 - mixed bouquet

12 - March 2019 - mixed yellow flowers bouquet
I bought a flower-of-the-month subscription for my nephew, Grant's apartment.
12/12 - For November I bought Katie a small vase of flowers, and for December I bough a holiday centerpiece with red candles and flowers and some pretty ribbon and greenery.
10/12 - I bought some flowers for Katie in September, and I bought a center piece for October. I have an idea for the December one, but am still not sure how to get the flowers in for November.
8/12 - I folded an origami bell flower and gave it to Katie. She seemed to like it quite a bit.
7/12 - Bought a nice silk flower because of allergies and the impending baby.
6/12 - I bought Katie flowers in card form (because of her allergies), and then a nice bouquet of flours.
4/12 - I bought several flowers for Katie in March and some lovely flowers on our babymoon in April.
Bought flowers in February.