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Take a cooking class
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Skillshare class (due to COVID)
Registered for a Sourdough Bread class. (This class got cancelled due to Covid-19)
Dark Chocolate with roasted almonds on the left. Sun dried tomatoes with chipotle on the right. Both were delicious.
I was able to take an online bake class. I learned a few things about biscuit making.
One of the few actually :) But the one I could find the date - Culinaryon with my childhood friend
I booked a cooking class for two with Chef Suying through Cozymeal. The class was three hours in duration. We olled a variety of different sushi rolls. Chef Suying was so informative, and also very kind to welcome us in her home. We were the only two in attendance on that day, so it was a private lesson. The beautiful part of it all was that we were able to eat what we had prepared.
I plan on taking a cooking class with my partner. We both love sushi, so I'm planning on registering us for a cooking class where we will learn to prepare sushi rolls with a sushi chef. The class runs for a total of three hours.
Cast iron cooking.
Brazillian Cooking class with Dave.
Spanish cooking workshop: sea food paella, churros, tortillas and salad with goat cheese.
Sur la table Thai cooking
Pizza making class with Ehrin!
Southern Cooking $49.00

Learn how to cook Southern food favorites from fried chicken to blackberry cobbler. Food and supplies furnished. Due to the cost of ingredients, there will be no refunds after 12 noon the day before class begins. For additional information please call (806) 371-2920.

Pies and Cobblers From Scratch $25.00

Making homemade pies and cobblers is becoming a lost art. Learn from a pie expert the tricks of making flaky crusts and mouth-watering fruit cobblers. Please bring a pie pan to your first class. Due to the cost of ingredients, there will be no refunds after 12 noon the day before class begins. For additional information please call (806) 371-2920.
Took Vietnamese cooking classes in Hoi An and Thai cooking class in Chiangmai
I took cooking classes in high school. Probably want to take some classes again for specific dishes.
Sourdough Class
"Italian Pizza and Small Plates" cooking class at Shiso Kitchen with the very awesome Jess (as seen on Cutthroat Kitchen!). - Food was great, but more importantly we had a ton of fun.
Took an amazing cooking class tonight called "Dinner for One." Taught by Jan at "Jan's on 4th" in Albuquerque, it focused on making simple dishes that can be prepared easily and frozen in individual servings for later use. The food was soooo good! Jan has a website if you want to see her upcoming classes. Highly recommended.
Moroccan cooking class.
Ships & Dips Cruise - 2011
Chopping block (Chicago)
Pasta Making at Salud! (Whole Foods)
Mushroom Ravioli. 1 hour class at Wine & Dine Wisconsin! Pasta making was tough, but definitely fun!!!
Five-course Thai cooking class at Tom Yum Thai Cooking School. Stuffed but no self-poisoning and no kitchen on fire = success!
Took a cooking class in Borneo. July2014
Made homemade mozzarella cheese!
Cooking class if Cusco, Peru.
Hearty Fall Salads at Tangerine. Yummy!
Class booked for Sept 16/13
Preferably Caprial and John's Kitchen cooking class (only offered on Tuesdays...)
Stonewall Kitchen - Tapas class 3/23/13
At Le 3 Melarance. I made muffins (pesto and walnut)
Foods The Heal; February 11th, 2012; 7-9pm
Ribs, it's what's for dinner!
BEST RIBS I have ever eaten! Thanks to the master mind behind the culinery delights at Red Rock and McGillicuddies on Water Street, Milwaukee. Started out with bacon rolled shrimp (yes, I tried it!), learned how to make rubs, used the rub on ribs which we then feasted on, and ended with grilled bananas drizzled with an outstanding rum chocolate sauce. I will need to recreate this last part FOR SURE as I think my skills are not quite so up to par for that amazing of ribs. It was a wonderful time, the chef had a fantastic sense of humor, I have coupons to red rock to ride the bull, and I was in Trista's fun-loving company! SUCCESS!! We will be going back! :)
Taking a BBQ Cooking Class at the Milwaukee Public Market tomorrow with Trista - details to come!
Hispanic Cooking Class on May 29, 2012 @ Push Start Kitchen
2.4.12--Maggiano's Valentine's Day cooking class with Steffan
March 16th 2012 With Chef Andrew Parker!
European Stoves in Beverly
Indian vegetarian cooking class!
I found a cooking class that my mom and I are going to take together on March 3rd and officially signed up for it today!

My mom, Auntie Mary Jo, Uncle Dan and I went to a cooking class at Chives. There may have been more wine than cooking but it was fun!
Crab soup with Ymma.

Fried plantains, sausages, and piklies with Dania and the girls.

Pwa kongo and maïs moulin with okra and tomatoes with...crap I forgot her name.

Pwa kongo and rice, small crabs and shrimp, goat, and suace with Dania!
Took a sushi making class on 1.24.12 - Sake tasting, too!
Sophomore Year
Second Semester
Foods & Nutrition I
Completed 7/24/2010. Date night cooking class at Truffles and Trifles in Orlando with Tony. Had a GREAT time and learned a lot of great new recipies. The theme was "An Evening with Julia Child". Our "team" prepared Spinach Gratin and flank steaks stuffed with prosciutto, cheese, and fresh basil. I not only learned a lot about cooking this evening, I was also able to spend a great evening with the man I love and also surprised myself by trying EVERY food on the menu!
Raw foods class with Mom
Fish and Shellfish at Milestone Culinary taken 2/26/12
I found a cooking class that my mom and I are going to take together in March!
This may be a good idea to look into for me and my Sister-in-law as a Christmas gift to her :)