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A goal of Luca on their Things To Do in 2016 list with a status of Done.

1. My friend
2. my daughter
3. earl grey de la creme
4. my daemon
5. playing video games like Dragon Age 2
6. listening to damn good music
7. deity
8. buying my own stuff with my own money
9. dressing well
10. buying new clothes that look good on me
11. spending time with friends who truly accept me
12. dancing
13. certain cartoons/anime
14. finishing a song
15. finishing art that looks good
16. selling in the artist's alley
17. compliments on my achievements
18. compliments on my fashion sense
19. making music
20. my gingerbread voodoo doll
21. having my own computer
22. a tasty meal
23. city lights at night
24. dusk/sunset
25. going outside in the morning
26. black sesame smoothies (or black sesame anything, really)
27. taking part in a satisfying ritual
28. afternoon tea
29. a clean home
30. laying in a cushy bed
31. whipped cream
32. other good tea that isn't earl grey
33. baking something beautiful and delicious
34. the first signs of spring
35. warm, sunny days
36. silly cute things that aren't puke-worthy
37. marshmallows
38. when people actually respect my wishes
39. new art supplies
40. synths/gear with flashy lights
41. flowers in full bloom
42. view of the city from up high
43. urban witchcraft / technopaganism
44. food that tastes like nana's/papa's/mom's cooking
45. watching a really close match on esports/tourneys
46. when someone tells me they love me for me, and really means it
47. reading something that validates an idle feeling or belief of mine
48. helping the needy and knowing I truly helped
49. overcoming fear and anxiety
50. developing routines that work
51. cookie dough ice cream
52. my town
53. cupcakes
54. Blue Goose bakery
55. anything remotely related to Sailor Moon
56. strawberries
57. seeing strangers who dress like me or my friends
58. solo walks in secluded places
59. dessert
60. fun drinks
61. hot chocolate
62. good sex
63. when strangers surprise me by being progressive and open-minded
64. when I can relate to a character or personality quite well
65. latino/hispanic pride
66. buffet restaurants, even though the food is usually gross
67. deep conversations
68. multiplayer games
69. playing checkers or chess
70. massages
71. singing well
72. when somebody else does household chores before I ask them to
73. good movies
74. useful lessons in movies
75. getting lost in a really good book
76. happy faces on food
77. carnival games
78. festival food and novelties
79. being invited to parties
80. publishing a blog post
81. having a job I actually like
82. arcades, especially if modern/cutting-edge
83. self-serve froyo
84. double rainbows
85. other sky phenomena
86. identifying constellations
87. tarot cards
88. ravens and crows
89. watching vivi build or arrange things
90. free samples
91. visible progress in even the smallest capacity, like the ball of lint that forms in the vacuum cleaner
92. high quality red wine
93. good beer, red ale or stout
94. true love
95. wedding gowns and tuxedos in the shop window
96. little kids being kids in public
97. realistically depressing song lyrics
98. Japanese sweet potato flavor and chestnut flavor during autumn
99. seasonal food specials
100. bodies of (clean) water
101. epic dreams
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