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Two steps towards this goal achieved-- lots more fruits and veggies, and lots more water. I think cutting out some of the negative habits will be tougher than adding in positive ones.
  Posted 3 years ago
Other notes for this Goal:
I am happy to realize, somewhat belatedly, that I've completed this goal. Intuitive Eating really helped me get that. When I stop looking for impossible milestones I'm never going to hit and look at the progress I've made instead, it's done. I'm not eating perfectly. I was never going to, I never will, and I really don't want to. But I've added a ton of fruit and veggies into my diet, started drinking a lot more water, cut way down on junk food, and made a lot of switches to things like whole grains and healthier fats. I'm eating better and feeling better-- Christmas chocolate binges once a year included.
Since I've started tracking my eating with Fitbit, I learned a major hurdle in this I wasn't even aware of-- I'm not getting anywhere near the calories I thought I was through the day, and nowhere near enough protein. I was shocked. But it explains my insatiable evening cravings, especially on workout days. I increased my healthy food during the day and maximized my protein intake at dinner the past week and the difference was tremendous. I never expected the key to curbing my overindulgence was to eat MORE.