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A goal of Lacy on their Someday list with a status of Not Started.
This is very much a "someday" goal. I had foot surgery two months ago, a fibular sesamoidectomy, so running at any level is off the table for me right now. I am walking again but healing from both the injury and the surgery is going to take a while and I have a very long road ahead of me. When I was still wrapped in gauze and tape, and with very little ability to move my big toe at all, and scared that I had made an awful decision to have surgery, I told myself that someday I would run a marathon and that's how I would know I had healed. And that I had gotten better, because my body was not capable of this even before surgery because of the pain. I get my exercise with biking and long walks with my dogs, but pretty soon I may be able to attempt a short jog.
  Posted 2 years ago
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