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Run a marathon
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Semi marathon (20km)
Racing my first 5K in December 2018
Completed 2 Marathons:-)
10/7/17 -- Ran 26.2 miles on a beautiful Saturday in St George, UT. Final time: 6:06:50

Signed up for the St George Marathon with my friend Colette. Training has begun!
This is very much a "someday" goal. I had foot surgery two months ago, a fibular sesamoidectomy, so running at any level is off the table for me right now. I am walking again but healing from both the injury and the surgery is going to take a while and I have a very long road ahead of me. When I was still wrapped in gauze and tape, and with very little ability to move my big toe at all, and scared that I had made an awful decision to have surgery, I told myself that someday I would run a marathon and that's how I would know I had healed. And that I had gotten better, because my body was not capable of this even before surgery because of the pain. I get my exercise with biking and long walks with my dogs, but pretty soon I may be able to attempt a short jog.
Philadelphia Marathon 2015!
Goal 1 - add an extra lap of the block to the end of my morning run on Fridays
24/4/2015 - Training still carrying on, today is a rest day, on Sunday I will push myself as hard as I can and time a 5k run, wish me luck!
11/4/2015 - Started training, aiming to run in the 6mile and 12mile - http://www.activetrainingworld.co.uk/events/2015/07/19/fairlands_valley_challenge_weekend
Did The Glo Run back in April 2013!
Walt Disney World Marathon!
Not really a full marathon, but I ran the Run Against Hunger 5k on Thanksgiving 2014 with Alex and her friend Tara. It was fun!

Le Marathon du Medoc in September

Sparkasse 3-Laender Marathon in October
Cape Cod Marathon Sunday Oct 26, 2014
hi Marathon 2014
Great Eastern Women's Run! Nov 10 '13 5KM
Scheduled: Cologne 2015
RocknRoll USA Marathon Series | Washington DC | March 16, 2013
I ran a 5k a couple of months ago.

Feb - one training half - 1:57

Apr - Reading half - 1:57

June - Portland off road half - 2:28

Sep - Nuts challenge half

Sep - Ealing half
been on the list for years many others have been there done that
Florida Breast Cancer Marathon, February 17, 2013
5k done! Running another one in June!
Application ballot for London Maraton 2013 open on 30th April this year. I will apply!
Paris marathon 4:19:18
On Saturday my husband and I will be running a 5k. Next step: 10k!
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5/12/2011- Tentativly decided to run the Texas Marathon (if I'm ever taken off of the stinkin' wait list!) on 01/01/2012 OR the Houston Cheveron Marathon on 01/30/2012

08.02.11- Decided that I will probably run the Toyota-Atkinson Marathon in Bryan/College Station on 12/11/2011
Signed up on 12/29/11
Am signed up and training for the Virgin London Marathon
training for a half--the madison half in may!
Get off your fat ass and run the bloody thing!
London Marathon April 2011
half marathon in Madison in May
city2surf 14/08/11
06/18/2011: Ran the Mayor's Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska in 6 hours, 11 minutes, 49.2 seconds. It was the experience of a lifetime!