Lonely Planet's Top 10 Best Value Destinations
Thinking about your travel plans for next year? Here's a great list from Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2012 that will appeal to those looking to make their dollar go further.

You can add some of these destinations to your To Do or Someday lists directly, and for the full article and notes on the destinations, check out the original article on the Lonely Planet website.
"Cities of the American northeast – New York, Boston and Washington DC – might not be the world’s cheapest, but you can save a bundle by taking advantage of the recent boom of budget bus companies."
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"Japan had a rough 2011, with the March earthquake and a hard year for tourism, so travelling there is not only a good thing to do, but can actually make financial sense."
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"Marco Polo was impressed – and you will be too, once you experience the stunning scenery of this safe, stable Central Asian nation."
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"Connected with much of Europe via budget airlines, Porto is a lovely town of atmospheric narrow lanes, village-like plazas and buildings decked in azuelo tile."
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"Mountains, cannibal caves, dinosaur footprints, crafts markets – and you get around by pony. Welcome to Lesotho, the ‘kingdom of the sky’."
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"Meanwhile, Iquitos is interesting in itself: Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower) fame came to build rubber baron’s mansions. The best time to visit is October or November, when it’s still dry but before summer crowds."
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"Little boutique hotels near Union Square can be had for under US$100 – a fraction of what you’ll pay in New York or London."
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"There’s always a race for the next big thing in Europe, and budget-friendly Macedonia is rising in popularity for its mountainous setting of vineyards, lakes and Byzantine churches; it’s also a mainstay stop-off on Balkan trips."
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"Vietnam is always good value, but you can now skip the package trips arranged in Ho Chi Minh City that tread the same worn-out routes."
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"Most equate the Yucatan with the beaches, but the best place to experience the food, life and architecture of the ‘real Mexico’ is a few hours inland at this lively city."
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