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Take a photography class
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Find a class: 06/29/24
Signed up for 7 week photography course!
Took in 2014 as a part of my tryouts in production.
SkillShare - iPhone Photography: How to Take Pro Photos On Your iPhone

I'm counting this as done, because I joined a photography group, which is very much a learning experience and probably even moreso than a class! But I still may take a photography class in the future.
Digital Photography Classes

The Amarillo Public Library offers classes designed to help hobbyist photographers become comfortable with photography equipment, learn how to use photography equipment, and meet others with the shared interest of photography. For more information call Cindy Wallace at (806)378-3049.
Signed up for a SkillPop photography class on November 18!
Took a photography class at Heidelberg, Germany.

I had a good time and hope, that I will be able to apply what I learned.
I signed up for Schultz Photo School online. I've completed a couple of the courses, but am setting a goal to go through more --- if not all --- before our February vacation.
Planning on this one http://photographycourse.net/beginner-photography
Registered in January 2014
Ano que vem eu faço ;_;
Ano que vem eu faço ;_;
Registered for photography class at Waubonsee on 11/7/13
5/16/13 - "Mastering the D-SLR" by Sourcelight Photography
Started 13.03.13 - Completed 08.05.13
Applying for a photo study abroad (if they still have openings)
Winter Retreat - Digital Realism 15-17 June 2012
Night photography course with Darin Mandy - 5 May 2012
Went to college for Digital Photography. So glad I made the career change! Photography is what I was meant to do!!
3/11/12 and 3/18/12: HCP beginner class w/ maree
Summer 2009 - Photojournalism (Lehigh)
includes learning how to use my camera properly!
Presented by Jessica Christenson of Details ETC Photography. 11/5/11
Does photojournalism count?
Fall 2010 at Vanderbilt. Finished 11/15/10
Sophomore Year
Second Semester
Photography I
Took a beginner's photography course to learn more about my camera, and composition a little too. Great success!
Took Digital SLR Tutorial on 2/26/12
I forgot to check this task as done! AND I DID IT! I finished Photography - Initiation with 19/20 ahah!
completed: 1.8.2012
Took one my senior year of high school.
Learned a lot, teacher.....is another story
Signed up for a photography workshop with a coupon I got from Groupon.com over the summer that I had forgotten about.
I've been ignoring Day Zero for a while and I checked my list and yep! I managed to take photography as one of my optational classes. And I'm doing great, I guess!
I've been ignoring Day Zero for a while and I checked my list and yep! I managed to take photography as one of my optational classes. And I'm doing great, I guess!