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Go skinny dipping
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Love It!
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Love it! Swimming in the night under the moonlight in a 'birthday suit' - powerful connection with the nature. Done it in lakes, seas and oceans. Plan to continue =)
I felt I should probably edit this photo appropriately. We are lucky in that we have a pool at home, but we also have nosey neighbors. What I like about this experience is that the pool water was around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was raining as well. Needless to say it was a very cool experience that I hope to do again.
In a private plunge pool on holiday
Henrik, Pirita rand
To do -

Beach 2017 go!
Not the same thing, but in Japan I bathed in an Onsen, which does involve being in water naked.
Kinda iffy about this one, but it'd prolly be fun. Trick is I need to build up enough upper body strength to be able to swim...so to the gym I go.
22nd July 2015...somewhere in the middle of the Med!
In my friend's house, with two more girls and four guys. We were drunk as hell. It was dark, it was fun, it was insane. I love them so much and it was just an awesome prove of the confidence and trust we have in each other.
We stayed in a beautiful complex in Ubud, Bali with our own private pool. Skinny dipping every day!
Done in the sea when at uni in Eastbourne
KorĨula, Croatia
In Wildwood, on my birthday.
Hazelett's pond- one of the last nights of summer 2013
Nude beach at Sandy Hook
6/01/13 at 4:00 PM - went swimming in Lava Lake near Craters of the Moon National Monument. I was sitting in the sun in the park reading and I suddenly realized how hot I was. I decided to drive a few minutes away to a place called Laval Lake on the map. 2 friends accompanied me. We weren't even sure if it was a lake or a misnomer. It was a lake. I went swimming, completely naked.
After my dip in the freezing cold lake in the mountains.
The private lake outside the cabin in the mountains.
Thank you Mexico :)
Went Skinny Dipping with Cat 10-23--12 in memory of Lee <3
haha baby steps... topless should count if it's in a public pool!

Full on skinny dip accomplished.
Done about 15 ft from the gang with Kendoll and Chips at the Mona rope swing. End of July...junior year of college.
Completed 10.08.12
Went with Lita and Kenna at the rope swing in Mona. Basically the most freeing and naughty thing I've ever done :)
7.20.12 KOR hot tub
On a beach in Chiclana (9/4/11)
Senior Year Spring Break
Marco Island, FL
Partial skinny dipping in June 2010...officially went skinny dipping Fourth of July 2010 and it was so refreshing :)
The night of Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at Skaha Lake. Nuff said.
Well, I had done it before, but it never hurts to do it again ;-)