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Donate blood
A good place to get started and find a blood drive near you is the Red Cross.
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Love It!
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Had to cancel my first appointment as I had a heavy cold but have given blood today. All went well, blood a little sluggish to come but donation given and snack eaten! Will make sure I donate every time I can from now on.
I used to give blood fairly regularly but then had some tattoos, couldn’t donate, then moved abroad (where I also couldn’t donate as I’d lived in the UK during the “mad cow” era). It’s such a simple yet worthwhile thing to do so I want to become a donor again and get into the habit of going every however often I’m allowed.

Turns out my old donor number has been archived and records destroyed as it’s so long since I gave blood ☹️ so I have registered as a new donor and booked the first available appointment in my town, which is in March.
Used to do it on a regular basis but can't anymore because of my medication :(
I did this on April 10, 2023.
I am so proud of Haneen, so we went to donate blood, and unfortunately, they did not accept my blood. So, I guess I have to eat more vegetables and take some iron tablets. Haneen was the hero of the day; she donated her blood with a big smile.
Donated whole blood!
Aim: Donate every 2 months.

Friday 04/28/23:

Saturday 06/24/23:
✖️Denied - Pulse was too high. 😔

Friday 08/22/23:
I've given blood quite a bit over the years, and loved doing it when they told if we had Covid antibodies, but now, they don't release that and I became anemic. So I'll encourage others!
Its the right thing to do!
Made an appointment at One Blood for this coming Monday.
Have an appointment in April to donate blood plasma
First time was June the 3th 2019
Deferred, because I stuck myself with a needle (Maggie's mio) after she did her site. So... Mid November. I have to wait until next year.
I tried! Then advocated for others to try too.
It took them a while to decide if I could actually give blood because of my travel and sickness history, but finally...done, and next appointment booked as well!
7/31 blood drive!
Donated at Uni
I donate blood regularly, I think it's important to keep up and keep it in mind.
11th September 2019
This donation put me at one gallon donated.
Doubletree Blood Drive
Woohoooo, I did it!!! I donated 0,5 liter today, and I feel so great and proud!
Just had the checkup, so I either get a message that my blood is not fit to donate, or I get an invitation to donate. Quite exciting, but also a bit scary.
Signed up to be a donor! Next up: Plan an appointment to check if my blood is fit for donation.
Well. Actually not done. I'm not eligible to give blood unless I don't have sex with my husband for three months - because he once had sex with another man, like 13 years ago. So. Yeah.
Appointment made to give blood at 12:15 on Friday 18th May 2018
I became a blood donor a few years ago and have just donated my 19th pint. It's something that I spent way too long thinking about before I actually did it and to anyone who's 'thinking about it' just do it. It doesn't hurt, it's easy, you get free biscuits, or crisps, orange squash (or a hot drink) and damn it feels good to know that you might just have helped to save a life.
went to the Center, got rejected for tooth intervention in the last 3 months

will get back on it!
I went to give blood on Monday January 8th for the first time. However, my iron level wasn't high enough and I wasn't allowed to. The nurse told me that I will be allowed to try again on March 5. I hope it will work out next time ! :)
Are you supposed to know your blood type first?
Arranged an appointment for 6 November

Donated blood and almost passed out again!
I actually signed up to be a plasma donor and donated today for the first time!
Donated again today.

Blood pressure 111/74, pulse 90, iron 125 (for a minimum of 120).
Successfully donated blood on 6/2/16.
Can't be a donor so...done, I guess. :/
For now it's due for the 12/11! :)
scheduled for Sunday
I have only done this once. I have had inadequate iron levels since. Once my iron levels are good I will do it again.
Scheduled for next week!
So it's been a while since my first donation! I just came back from Japan where I had lots of meat, fish and tofu so figured my iron levels would be good right now and I could take advantage of it. They were - 131 grams of haemoglobin per litre. My blood pressure was 135/87 and my heart rate was 94 (a bit nervous again). This chocolate milk was my reward, along with one of their famous cookies, a small milkshake and a keyring with my blood type (O+) on it.
See you in 12 weeks ^^
I've just made an appointment to give blood on Tuesday, 01 March 2016
11/01/16 - Nearly fainted afterwards but I would love to do it again!
Booked appointment for next week

Completed December 2015.
Blood flow was too slow, only filled 3/4 of a bag 😔 .
Scheduled to go again in February !
I have been donating blood in India for the last 8 years - once every year. We have a Blood Donation Camp organized by Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation.
Scheduled for 27 November 2015.
Completed; 19 November 2015
Yes, was able to donate blood on 10/22/2015. There it is, plus my new friend, Molly, who made it so easy and painless.
Not actually the first time ever.... just outside of Quebec, which obviously is not really part of the Canada that the "Canadian Blood Services" refers to ;) happy to have had Meghan along to chat with and make the long wait pass by quickly!
Booked for first october 2015
Blood donation
A blood donation occurs when a healthy person voluntarily has blood drawn and used for transfusions or made into medications by a process called fractionation. In the developed world, most blood donors are unpaid volunteers who give blood for a community supply. In poorer countries, established supplies are limited and donors usually give blood when family or friends need a transfusion.
This description uses material from the Wikipedia article on Blood donation and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (view authors).