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Go to a concert
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Sammy Hagar at iThink Amphitheater.... July 13, 2024
I went to a free Lord Mayor’s Concert at City Hall. It was wonderful, especially hearing Flight of the Bumblebee played on a cello.
Cactus [Bengali Rock Band] @Amiphoria 2024. 29th February.
Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons. Handsome as usual ;)
Oh yes, how much I've missed it! September 2nd 2023, Baku, Azerbaijan, Imagine Dragons.
I was rewatching videos from the concert and reliving the experience for days after that.
I went to over 30 concerts in 2023!
I went to see Jann Arden with my sister. It was a fantastic show at the Sanderson Centre.
Sara Groves!
Arab Superstar Ragheb Alama Concert
7/5: Halsey
8/9: MGK
8/16: Korn & Evanescence
The Lumineers! So amazing 🤩
Arkells Jazz Fest 2022
Saw Biffy Clyro on 11/11/22 at Birmingham Resorts World Arena.

Saw Shinedown on 27/11/22 at Manchester Apollo.

Two amazing bands!
Been to Imagine Dragons 3 times (1 in US - 2015, 2 in Russia - July 2017, August 2018), Adele (September 2016, US) and Pink (July 2019, Germany) =)
Also to Shakira and One republic in Russia but don't remember dates =(
The Hu was so amazing! Can't believe I got to see them in person. Fantastic sold-out insane-energy show. I forgot how good it feels to be in a sea of headbanging people like that.
Have tickets to see -M- in June at the Nuits de Fourvière Festival
Getting my tickets Friday to see The Hu with a friend in April. I had no idea they were even going to be in my country, let alone my city. So excited!
Imagine Dragons - 2/8/2022

Saw Garbage and Alanis with Cat Power as opener in Cincinnati. (Forgot to post until now..)

Beychella 2018
I saw Frank Turner in Pittsburgh on October 14th.
This wouldn't even be a goal if COVID hadn't put the world on hold for a year. Now I'm dying to get to another concert.
- Lupe de Lupe
- FEVER 333
- The Used
Tickets already purchased for Alanis Morissette/Garbage/Liz Phair in June 2020 in Cincinnati. 😀

May 2020 EDIT: Hoping COVID-19 doesn't cancel it. 😐

COVID-19 EDIT: They didn't cancel but it IS postponed now to September 2021.
Tickets already purchased for Alanis Morissette/Garbage/Liz Phair in June in Cincinnati. 😀

EDIT: Hoping COVID-19 doesn't cancel it. 😐

2ND EDIT: It is rescheduled for September. We have until the end of next month to decide if we want to risk it.
I went to a concert with Rich, then later to a Goldline concert...
Krezip @ Ziggo Dome met Suus
Attended Snow Patrol Concert
This photo was of some of the audience of The Big Gig. It was a concert of artists playing just for the Girl Guides!

I forgot my camera and my phone is terrible for photos and couldn't focus on the stage at all because of the lights, so this is all got!

There were 1000s of girls aged 10 - 18 there, all Girlguiding UK members at a gig just for them. It was amazing!

The artists weren't people I'd heard of to be honest, but the girls knew who they were and sang along to ALL the songs and bounced and danced their hearts out. Apparently I'm old now because I don't know who's current!!!

I'm glad we can offer fun activities like this to the girls and the parents know they can get that arena concert experience in a safe environment. Girlguiding isn't about doing the hostess badge anymore!!!

Note to self - thousands of young girls plus arena music is loud. Take earplugs next time!
Chvruches February 2019, Birmingham 02
Death Cab For Cutie || Forest Hills Stadium, NY (6/15/19)
Busted at Wembley Arena.
Going to see Galantis!
Travis in Glasgow

-City of Trees


-Mayday Parade/This Wild Life

-Not So Silent Night
Saw Alex Wong in concert again in San Francisco.
Mariza, Semana do Mar 2018
Jamiroquai at NCMF!!!!
Going to BTS 9/15/18 in DFW!
Ed Sheeran


Kesha and Macklemore!!!
The Rose (Korean group) concert.

1. Dire Straits (February 27, 2018 in Wrocław)

2. Yasmin Levy (April 24, 2018 in Wrocław)

Ludovico Einaudi

Andrea Bocelli

Tiziano Ferro (in Italy)

Asaf Avidan

Il Volo

Joe Bonamassa

Il Divo

Beth Hart

Elton John

Clint Mansell

Biagio Antonacci (in Italy)
Saw Nina Nesbitt with Britt and it was wonderful. I got a setlist and Nina signed it.
4/23/18 Decemberists!
Placebo,2009, İstanbul
Paul Mccartney, 2016, Madrid
Paramore Concert 2018
30.November.2017 - Attended Jann Arden's Christmas concert at Massey Hall with Andrea
chemistry 2017, mika & 高橋直純 2016
Went to Celebrate Sinatra - was very last minute, I was asked to go an hour before it started and it was amazing!
Flogging Molly Oct 16th!
Went to Take That, Olly Murs and Rick Astley!
Blondie, Garbage, Deap Vally - July 26, 2017. <3
This year we went to Jack Johnson and it was AMAZING!!!