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On 2,258 lists and 1,218 people have done it.
I have bought morel mushrooms and a printable from the site.
GOAT MILK SOAP from MarysMilkMonsters
I bought this beautiful motivational card from sincerelyfrancescaco

Supporting small business owners and artists is more meaningful than buying mass produced products from big companies.
Bought pastry bag clips from CutItoutCutters.
Bought four pairs of earrings in 2019.
J'ai acheté des cotons démaquillants lavables à marraine, elle était très contente ;)
Rat Hammock Set - Look how cute it is!!!
I purchased this cool pendent!
Postcards and art prints ♡
Bought Birthday sticker hannah
Harry Potter locket voor Shana en locket voor Maud
Ordered my fancy magnet dolls, now just wait for them to arrive.
What a nightmare this is turning out to be! Ordered 8 weeks ago. Got shipping notice a week ago that never updated, so I contacted and she got SNIPPY with me. Look, lady, it's been two months. I paid cash up front. I deserve to have some faith that when you say something shipped, it SHIPPED and you didn't just print out the label and leave it on your counter for a week.

Mucho aggro. Really souring me on the site.
Bought my sister a personalised planner for Christmas.
I purchased a set of titanium and Swarovski crystal earrings for Ariana's Christmas present.
I bought a handful of these silicone molds from Etsy and I'm using them to make chocolate rhinos, which I'm selling as part of my fundraising for my trip to Africa next year.
10/27/15: I bought two somethings! My youngest son and I are huge fans of The Walking Dead, so I bought him the zombie mug for Christmas. I've always loved Lionel Ritchie's song "Hello" and I'm a big hot tea lover, so I had to purchase that really funny mug for myself. Here's where I found these clever little doodads: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Mugoos?ref=l2-shopheader-name
Compromised with buying something from Zazzle (Bunny Bunch tote). Still hand-made AND the proceeds go for a good cause (for the education of having bunnies as pets).
Ashley's Birthday present HP mug and saucer 3/21
I've ordered a necklace from Etsy and am now waiting for it to arrive, will mark the goal as complete once I have it in my hands!
Ordered a "I Solemnly swear I am up to no good" Harry Potter Necklace.

Debating ordering a "Always" deathly hallows Harry Potter necklace too
Adam's "Home is Wherever I'm with You" typography.
I got the cutest Zelda bikini and it came with the cutest Zelda hair bow.
Bought necklaces for me, sister and Mum.
Got a Loop scarf and beautiful earrings. (not from Etsy but from Dawanda)
Ashley's Birthday present HP mug and saucer 3/21
My scrapbooking friends introduced me to this sight. It has such awesome stuff. I love to buy from other crafters. I have bought several birthday gifts here. You can find some unique stuff.
I've discovered that it's difficult to buy anything from etsy, as it doesn't like any of my bank cards. Poo.
Bought an Altoids mini flashlight for Kevin for Xmas 2012
gears and cogs for steampunking
Coffee and Melonpan ring by SouZouCreations
My brother's wedding last year. Bought the flower in my hair from Etsy.
I bought my gorgeous prom necklace and also a crystal bullet necklace.
Bought a pattern for a portable fabric high chair. Ended up buying it already made, but I still bought the pattern!

Also bought a silver hammered cuff bracelet that has the word Diabetic stamped into it. A way cool option for a medical alert bracelet.
Bought Margot and Tamar a personalized lesbian love NY journal
Bought a dress pattern, but it will not be my last purchase.. i have a huge wish list on there!!
A little bit of love in every stitch, tis true.

Purchase for May 18th 2010
Bought a recycled sweater coat tutorial from Katwise!!

Something antiquey or vintagey or nerdy. Or clothes.
Bloody tooth necklace. 10/14/2011
Owl stamp - bought on 07/02/2012
Anthony's "infinity" bracelet =)
a snape's patronus necklace, some earrings (heart lockets and leaves) and a harry potter bookmark - 24.7.11
I bought a super cute silver bow ring on Etsy on September 7, 2011. Now I just have to wait for it to come and see if I like it or not!
My Gryffindor robe <333
Harry Potter Poster
Gamecocks Garter for wedding
bought black lacy fingerless gloves for $13.
Just made my first purchase, going green with a reusable pad!
Koala earrings and necklace!
I sell products on Etsy and have for quite a while now - but I have just to purchase. Lots of wishlist and items I love. What is holding me back I wonder?
Crochet flower headband. 1/6/12
I have bought a lovely fox skirt! :)
Done: Nov 20th, 2011
( Our First Christmas 2011 Ornament by VeryMere)
Crayon chemical name stickers
Bought Jennifer's confidence mustache necklace from Oh, Hello Friend for her birthday :)
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