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Get a facial
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Love It!
On 2,931 lists and 949 people have done it.
Self care routine. Goes along with every haircut.
I used my gift card given to me by Lillie at Christmas. I saw Maddie at Soul Sisters, Dublin, CA. She did an amazing job. My skin is glowing and plumper. I also had an LED light treatment to help with wrinkles. It inspired me to make this a monthly goal and I have already booked up my next appointment 😉
Done at Prive Medispa as a gift from the owner for doing carpool with her daughter in 2018 or 2019.
I'm not sure if anyone can tell much of a difference. However, my face feels entirely different. My skin is so soft! I feel hydrated, and my skin tone has a more even tone to it. I've set another appointment for next month. Everyone should do this! It was truthfully one of the best hours of my life. I love anything that pampers the body though. It was my so project this year, and I'm so glad I ended the year with this.
Cost: $0 (Christmas gift from Mom)
That was so relaxing and fun! Mark got a massage at a spa for his birthday while I got a facial.
Mandelic acid peels + cavitation peeling - every 2 weeks

1. April 16, 2019

2. April 30, 2019

3. May 21, 2019
Natasha's Hamptons bach weekend
Home facials from Christmas :)
April 2014 at Montauk Manor
if you know what i mean... ;D
2nd medical facial April 11

3rd medical facial May 11
First time chemical peeling
Do this on October 11th! It's National Coming Out Day
Using gift certificate Debbie gave me for helping with the move
Pre-wedding festivities! Wonderful spa day at Mezzanine in SoHo.
Wowcher Dermalogica 90 mins facial. GOOOD :D
I've had one done every 6 weeks for the last year at this point. I -love- them.
Completed on 1st March
It was lovely and surprisingly relaxing.
Enroll in beauty bootcamp at Skin Essentials for one facial a month for 6 months
Staci's 30th birthday
June 4,2011. My face was really really angry after. It's like every single blemish is giving me the finger and saying "screw you lady!"
January 4, 2011 at Rue 48.
Melissa from Kara Urban Days Spa is the absolute best at them!!!
At Girls' Night in June 2011 my face wasp plastered with green gunk
september 18th, 2011 at the tanglewood resort on Lake Texoma