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Don't complain about anything for a week
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Not sure how you'd measure that one!
It's important that you don't complain about anything for a week in order to avoid getting depressed. It is quite normal for people to complain about minor things in their lives. It's when you get serious about your complaining that things start to get to you. If you feel depressed, try and get past this week and see if you can carry on without complaining too much about anything. It can be a great way to cure your depression, and if you keep complaining about things for the rest of the week it might even be good for you.

The reason I tell you to not complain about anything for a week is because it tends to make you feel worse about everything. However, it's quite possible to survive a week without complaining and that way you'll have a much better outlook on life. If you do end up complaining about something in the week, be sure to write it down so you can see how things are as well as having it on a sticky note for easy reference. If you keep complaining about something that you really can't do anything about, you might end up becoming so depressed that you'll end up hurting yourself. Be sure to keep a positive attitude all throughout the week and don't complain about anything.

It is also possible to survive a week without complaining. Just be sure to make it a week of nothing but smiles and enjoyment. When you come home from work or when you get to school or when you're having fun playing with your kids or when you're walking along the beach and the waves are crashing on the shore. If you can find a day to yourself you'll have a much better outlook on life and it's also possible to look at things in a completely different way. Try and get some fun things in your life and just be sure to have fun.
Starting from 3rd of February for a week

No anger, no shouting, no complain

Let's do it as a start and carry on after a week
Day1: 27/11/2018
19-25 November 2018.
So, the first day was really tough. I caught myself like 100 times starting to complain. I feel terrible for how much I complain. By the end of the week, I had trained myself to think before I speak. And, to try to word things where they weren't a complaint. I am sorry for all my complaining and I plan on keeping up this train of thought.
Starting on 02/27.
First attempt: 21/01/17 to 27/01/17!
Minimum start date: March 9, 2019
Second attempt starting tomorrow: 17th February 2016, hopefully finishing on the 24th.
First attempt starting today: 12th February 2016, hopefully finishing on the 19th.
Day Seven - Well, yesterday was Day Seven. I've done it. And it has taught me a lot about myself. It's made me more aware of what I am thinking. It's made me see the connection between the germ of a complaint, and how it escalates into a full-blown drama or complaint. It's been helpful. Very helpful. And I like the changes that it's made to how I feel. I've also become more aware of how my mood changes through the day, and times when I am vulnerable to complaining. This has been a great insight, and a valuable goal. I'm going to continue it.
Day Six - I have cut myself short twice today when I sort of started complaining in my head. I'm noticing that my mood is nicer. It's easier, living, living is easier... when you don't complain. One more day to go. I've learned a lot about myself with this exercise.
Day Five - Today was a challenging day, with three big things happening. But no complaining. So far, so good. x
Day Four - I am breezing along with this. It's a muscle... and the don't-complain muscle is getting stronger. I was thinking today that it's possibly a let-it-go muscle, that's doing this. I just let the potential whinge/moan/complain float away. I've let at least 3 potential complaints float away. It's nice. I like this. x
Barely made it on this one. Great goal to repeat
Day Three went fine too. I am getting better at snapping my fingers, and stopping a complaint from being expressed. When I say 'snapping my fingers' I mean, silently, in my mind. I don't have a word like 'stop, don't do that'... but instead I just stop. I am so genuinely surprised at how this is possible. If I don't start the big whinging conversation in my head about XYZ that's annoying me, then it doesn't happen. And what's equally surprising is that I don't go through a withdrawal or bereavement or feeling of loss - that the opportunity to whinge/complain is gone. It gives me hope that my natural state is one of peace, and no conflict. I can see this being like a muscle that needs time to grow and become strong, or a seed which needs to be watered. But for now I feel that I am strengthening that muscle, and watering that seed. I like this goal - and although I see days when I do whinge and complain, if I can 'not complain' most days then my life (and those close to me) will be nicer. :-)

Day Two - the day went fine. We had a long drive to Sacramento, and back. I came back with a stinking headache, and over-thirsty. I whinged about that - but I'm OK with that. I'd have no trouble with someone else whining that they are hot and tired and need a liter of water. That's just bringing attention to a problem. But aside from that, no complaining, no moaning, no drama-ing. I'm happy with that.
Day One - I have to start again. I had a shite morning today. My husband and I had an argument (both of us were at fault). I can't have an argument, and say that I've had a day of no complaining. So, I am starting again. On a positive note - the argument was triggered by stress. So, I need to do more to address my stress (reduce my stress).
Day 6! Almost there... sometimes it feels like I'm screwing up because I'm thinking something negative, but I haven't verbalized it, and there's not a lot I can do to stop a thought before it happens. I'll see how long I can do this after this week too. It's a good habit to break.
Day Four - This is going well. I am so pleased that I have been able to pull my head in, and focus on just getting on with stuff... and not complaining. What does it achieve? So far, so good - and I'm more than half way through.
Day Three - yesterday went well. My mood was good, and I didn't wake up in a bad mood. I had a good day, and I actively made an effort to 'switch off' any thoughts that were brewing into a complaint. I certainly didn't say anything that was a complaint. It was a success!
Day 4! Almost complained. I'm going to expand this to "no defeatist attitudes" because resigning fault of a problem to someone else is pretty much diplomatic complaining. Like I wrote in the first note, life is going to be imperfect, and there are plenty of ways to deal with it constructively without taking it personally or taking a shot at anyone. Resolve obstacles without making new ones. What a great goal...
Day Two - my mood has been better, and I have been better able to not whinge and complain. So, I've had a successful Day One... now onto Day Two!
Day One - I am trying again. I've had some trouble with low mood, and that makes things a bit tougher. But I am going to keep on trying (and re-starting!) this goal until I have done it. It's been very interesting to note what I do complain about.
Day 2! I'm realizing that there is a fine line between complaining and talking about things that aren't perfect. Ex: "It's TOO cold." vs "It's cold." or "I'm STARVING." vs "I should eat." Basically, life is going to be less than perfect sometimes, and you can either catastrophize and place fault on the world, or be flexible and let obstacles guide your choices without taking offense to it. LIKE ROCKS IN A STREAM. That's some Daoist shit right there :P I like this goal.
Day One - This is tough. I've failed today because I've been whining about how hot it is. Today will be my second attempt at Day One.
this was really hard and i find that i actually complain a lot haha.
September 7, 2014

Task#6. Don't complain about anything for a week.

Monday- I asked myself if I can do it because knowing me….. I was born reklamador.

Tuesday- There’s so many things to do and I need enough time to accomplish them. I was about to complain but I remembered, I have a challenge to achieve. “NO COMPLAINS IN 1 WEEK! OKAY! OKAY! OKAY!

Wednesday- I went sleeping to forget the works and perfect! I have avoided complaining because I was temporarily dead. Hahaha!

Thursday- Sabi ko sa sarili ko “Sana Linggo na!”

Friday- Uy Saturday na bukas…..

Saturday- One day to go and I can already make complaints!

Sunday- (Sigh) Sa wakas natapos din! Pwede na ulit magcomplain! Hahaha

But kidding aside, I learned that when you don’t complain, there is lesser opportunity to be lazy because whether you like it or not, you will do the task and overloading responsibilities given to you. There’s no way for you para tumakas.

It felt good. I don't believe I complain often, but it felt really good to consciously stop myself and find the good hiding in a bad day.
Days 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15...woohoo...DONE
Day 1--good.

Day 2--good

Day 3--Argh---blew it!!! HAHAHA...complained on the elevator about the rainy commute...

Day 1 again--good
Gabby Bernstein youtube channel on complaining, stress, and negative ppl!
Day 1 - done

Day 2 - done

Day 3 - done

Day 4 - in progress

Day 5 - in progress

Day 6 - in progress

Day 7 - in progress

I've been congressing and socializing since last Sunday and I can't remember a single thing I've complained about (except for the prices, probably, but it was more like stating a well-known fact) - so... Done! :)
Started on 10 of July 2013. In order to finish I can't complain about anything till the 17th
I managed to complete this challenge, though went right back to complaining when it was done. I still have a long way to go, but I think I will be able to get there eventually!
I am now just under 12 hours away from completing this challenge...it has been difficult, but not as difficult as I expected (it helped that this week was a slightly better week than the previous!)
Started this ad midnight 6/16/13. I expect it to be difficult, but am looking forward to the challenge!
describing an event or person negatively without indicating next steps to fix the problem.
I am going to practice this over Spring Break and continue until the end of the year. I need to prepare for a new job.

claim or express pain, displeasure, etc.

to find fault; declare annoyance

to make an accusation; bring a formal charge
It was hard, I have to say it.
Aug 7/12 to Aug 14/12
Ok, this is hard. But I've noticed that sometimes you need to complain. It's your way to say "hey, I'm not a fool".
The Phantom of the Opera was mind blowing. I cried at the end, so much emotion going on.
20.3.2012 - 3 more days to go
I think that my attempt at this is going pretty well.. my complaining is being productive
Kevin doesn't think this one is possible
Starting; 20th December
I have already tried this one before, but this time it's gonna be for real. Oh yeah!
Starts August 30th which will be hard because it's the first week of fall semester. However, doing this during a week in which i simply stay home does defeat the purpose.
Starting 12th of april 2011
Week of 6/12/2011 to 6/19/2011 = FAIL
Week of 6/19/2011 to 6/26/2011
19-10-2011 do 26-10-2011
16. 5. - 22. 5. 2011