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Do some volunteer work
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I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Anča animation film festival and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was amazing to have the opportunity to meet so many fascinating individuals. It was an exceptional experience.
When I moved to Gloucester, I lo9oked for some voluntary work as a way to meet people. The first thing I tried didn't feel right for me, but then I went along to a Tredworth Residents Association meeting and the people were so welcoming1 I'm now part of the committee, I've already been a volunteer at my first event (the annual street party) and I'm looking forward to being more involved in future.
I've volunteered in lots of projects for Rotary, and I'm currently the president for the local Interact Club, so I get to do these amazing projects to help others!
31/05/23 Started volunteering for the National Trust today. I will be working at KIngson Lacy House, Studland Beach and Corfe Castle. I will be restricting my hours at them though so that I don't become too overwhelmed by it all. My only regular shift will be with Corfe Castle looking at the old documents and loading them onto a computer
Today was my first day volunteering at the wildlife rehabilitation center. I fed baby birds, washed dishes, and did laundry. I agreed to help out on Mondays from 4 to 8. I plan to do this regularly, at least during baby season.
During my shift. Sunday afternoon doing volunteer work.
I have done a few months of this goal. Sometimes it is great but other times it is not. The place I am going to they are not organized and it is difficult for me to manage or deal with that but I guess I am learning and dealing with it for now.
Finally started volunteering at the animal shelter last year (summer 2021). First time there I met this giant and..half a year later it 'accidentally' became mine =)
I’m really excited to mark this as in progress. I signed up to be a volunteer about 10 months ago and I’ve being doing interviews, trainings, orientation, paperwork and now I’m finally ready to start. Yesterday, may 11th 2022, I finish the last step before the first day.
I ran sound for a play at a local community theater. It was a lot of fun.
Registered in Red Cresent
I helped build this new area for planting. I layered cardboard then assisted in the addition of compost. Next week the layer of dead leaves and mulch will be added.
Marmitinhas de luz
Marmitinhas de luz
MOPS/Gajusz - FCE Preparation Course (one student)

Polish-Italian translation - Campaign Against Homophobia

Diversity&Inclusion Pillar Lead (5 months in my current company)

Fabryka Równości (LGBT+ organization)

17. Bieg Ulicą Piotrkowską Rossmann Run

Łódź Design Festival 2019

Bieg Kobiet ANITA 2019 Zawsze Pier(w)si - (30h)

DOZ Maraton Łódź 2017 - (8h)

In progress:

Youthpass certificate - maybe next year (Hopefully, related to Human Rights)

Light Movie Festival - this year

Łódź of Four Cultures Festival - this year (application sent)
I joined the 10 Million Trees initiative which goal is to plant 10 million trees n Hungary with no time limit. Last year our local community planted 178 trees in our town :)
With school- 8th Grade
I want to find other things I can do to help.
Do something for children
Harvesters with Key Club
Helpt at local running event! may 4th 2019
Helpt with Survivalrun! may 26 2019
Helping at music festival Oranjewoudfastival! may 31st/ june 1&2 2019
2nd time volunteering for the AFC Comminity Trust :)
volunteering on events committee for BADA
Counting on Planetiers
25.02.18 - Technically now I am a qualified counsellor I am a volunteer at 2 charities
Moisson Montreal - largest food bank in Canada.
Volunteered at the Central Florida Zoo for work.
Volunteer on a marathon Tryavna Ultra
Took some photographs today of all those competing in my local 5K parkrun, then spent a couple of hours editing and cropping the pictures before sharing them on their website so everybody could download their own copies.
nothing cooler than watching an animal chiropractor adjust horses.
Helped out at the Slootjesdag 2017. Organised by the Dutch Institute for Nature Education.

Messed around with some children with scoop nets in a pond. We even caught a newt!
“For our beloved children” program, Social Work Club
Joined Kiwanis and have been helping kids in the community :) Distributing books to elementary school kids and serving coffee and hot chocolate to drivers at rest stops have been my favorites so far :)
Worked at the food pantry
Make and delivery lunch bags for homeless in downtown Toronto.

Volunteer at the elderly Christmas party.

Pack gift bags at the Society of Sharing.

Cook and serve lunch at The meeting place in Toronto

Pack medical supplies with Not just Tourists, Toronto.

Clothing drive volunteer with The Yonge street mission.

Peer Helper - University of Calgary Faith and Spirituality Centre, 2016/2017 academic year
Been volunteering at the kids' school when I can

*First day lunch

Donante de médula.
I'm volunteering with the British Heart Foundation at the moment!
helpes at a run as a "marshal" and told people to take care of steps
Volunteer work at the PDSA!
essentially not volunteer work, but I made a board with natural, non-toxic recipes for health, body, and cleaning aides for the doctor's office to give to clients.

Since then, I've taught about 5 Clean Living Classes and worked in the Victory Garden. I've also served in the Café at church for about 48 out of 52 weeks a year.
Currently in the process of looking for volunteer opportunities. Have expressed direct interest in three.
Var að hjálpa Gróttu með heimaleiki ofl. Varð varamaður í stjórn handknattleikssambandsins.
Volunteering for the softball team!
Volunteering for the softball team!
histoire de lire
Aged Care - RSL ANZAC Village - Volunteer as part of the recreation team :)
Going to Volunteer with Friends of Elk Island this weekend
Finally I was accepted to be Duolingo Contributor! I am currently a part of a team En>Id team. It's really cool because Duolingo is my all time favorite site for language learning (currently I am learning 3 languages there). Of course it is not enough to speak a language fluently but I feel that it is good to familiarize yourself with the language of your choosing. The team is also really cool and welcoming, and considering that they come from different background, they are really knowledge-able about language! I have a lot to catch up; usually I only *try* to speak a language but I don't really pay attention to what the rules are called. It's fun, though, and I am super duper excited to be part of the team!
First meeting on Monday!
Looking into a few counseling/safe space organizations that work with families and youths. Wishing my windows of availability weren't so limited, or my kiddo would have to be welcome. My phone breaking put a bit of a monkey wrench in things, but should have all that resolved before my trip, then back in time for winter quarter of the programs/training.
Volunteered at a hostel - not exactly what I had in mind, but it counts!
I've been in communication with a local school to volunteer with FIRST Robotics, an after school robot-building group that competes annually (things like throwing a Frisbee, navigating a maze, etc). Don't know what age range I'll be working with yet, but I'm trying to brush up on my welding and electrical troubleshooting to get ready. It'll be a great way to volunteer, sharpen some job skills, and learn something cool to teach my future potential kids down the line (plus I've always wanted to build a robot from scratch too).
Volunteering for the Englewood Historical Society - Sept 2015
(that isn't peer network)
Project Cornerstone