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Write a book
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Love It!
On 6,904 lists and 406 people have done it.
How about FOUR BOOKS <3
I have an idea for a book or series of books about the events leading up to and proceeding a world altering event.

I am pretty sure if I sat down I could scetch a pretty good outline. What I am afraid I might struggle with is having nice round characters that many people can relate to.
I'm working on NaNoWriMo, and I'm continuing my novel idea from previous years. In the past I just couldn't move the plot because I didn't have the right characters. I stopped working on my main characters because right now, I'm sort of world building and the plot is building as I create the world. I'm taking the role of interviewer, and I'm learning about some of my side characters who will help move the plot along by asking them questions. I'm amazed how much I've learned about this world just through this writing exercise. I have hopes to get further this year than I have in the past... unfortunately I'm already behind on my word count. I have some things on my to do list for tomorrow, and I'm hoping there are no surprises. I should be able to carve out some time to write and catch up. I hope!
The truth is that it is entirely possible to love and care for one Asian American—"your" Asian American—and not see other Asians as equally, fully human.
Anti Asian racism and some history
http://legendesillwitha.com/english-2/ this is the English version. first I did the Croatian one. currently i'm trying to motivate myself to continue writing other sequels. (5 in plan)
A Christmas book
Chapters eleven and twelve are also done. 22, 613 words down.
I finished chapter ten and submitted it to my critiquing groups. 19,532 words written. I feel accomplished.
I have finished Chapter 9, pushing me into what I think will be the last half of my book. Maybe even the last quarter. Woo-hoo!
Chapter 8 complete. Bring it on Chapter 9! What you got?

That took way longer than it should have, but I am glad it is done.
Started working on it again over the winter break December 2018
Written through chapter 6, beginning chapter 7 now
I have been working on a plot for a while and fleshed out some of the characters. I have also recently purchased a book on writing a plot FAST so I hope that will work. I am wondering if I should do Nanowrimo this year just to kickstart this thing. What do y'all think?
This is for me a complete story so for me the book I want to write is going to be nine books long.
Chapter 1 and 2 done. Redoing outline.
19 mrt ‘18 heb ik mijn manuscript ingeleverd bij mijn uitgeverij. Nu met samengeknepen billen wachten op de reactie 😅
minions, the revenge of the pink panther, blended, the dictator
In the notes and outline phase.
I am currently working on my memoir.
I have started to write a book called 'My Suicidal Eyes'. And I want to finish it!
Idea = the under appreciated things in life/ one page dedicated to each thing
Saturday 07-Nov - I finished the first of my book-writing goals. I went through all 300 bookmarks that I'l made in Firefox... and transferred the useful ones to my writing wiki. It was a long task, yet very worthwhile. I now have 70 topics that I want to cover. Of course that's too many - but it's given me a lot of confidence. I know that I definitely know enough about my subject area, and I have enough material to be book-size.
Mijn YA/Fantasy-manuscript van 'Maanziek' werd in oktober 2015 opgestuurd naar diverse uitgeverijen
Tuesday 20-Oct - I have started an area in my wiki listing sections that I'll include. I have 14 at the moment, because they are topics that I have covered already (i.e. made a start on elsewhere). This is a great idea, and it means that I'll have a place to collect my ideas. :-)
1. Search the internet for some form of step-by-step plan on how to write a book.
I've discovered that coloring is really good for my writing. It's just like when I was a kid - I sit and color and make up stories. Only thing is, now both the stories and the coloring pages are more mature.
i have written four chapbooks of poetry thus far!
First chapter coming out!
I don't think I'll pull this one off in 1001 days. 2/13/15
Started writing the notes that I will produce a book from at a later point - 23/1/2015
Un libro de divulgación psicológica sobre la mejora de la comunicación entre profesionales de la salud y pacientes.
I wrote a children's book, finished 16th of October. Editing still on going, but the story itself is finished.
Outlining FTW!!! Got sidetracked yesterday by research and spent a day reading about Slavic fairy-takes and myths. Thinking about splitting up thuis goal into multiple parts.
Contacted Lifeway employee in Self-publishing (8-6-2014)
Brainstormed for 30 minutes in Evernote
Made contact with WestBow Press

Wrote Drew Dyck back about desire to write
instead i started a blog
My first novel was completed on May 28, 2013. It was a total of 81,934 words and had 18 chapters!
After wavering between Blacklight, Claim and Cracked I think I've settled on Claim, about a girl with a watch leading down to her death day.
Started writing an e-book on rainy day activities for kids. It is flowing out of we really easily. Think I found my niche!
1/13/13.... Just had a great idea. I should write an erotic fiction novel for Mio to read while he is deployed. That being said I will have to finish it fast or send it to him in chunks.
NaNoWriMo 2012 winner's badge.
progress: 40,000 words in 10 days
Trying to complete NaNoWriMo this November!
About halfway done. Goal is to have a first draft by DoomsDay.
I want to write a 'home and garden' book geared towards people who live in apartments, paying special attention to non-permanent projects, etc., and making the most of a lease agreement.
Book idea 100 Letters From the Average Man
about life. that touches oneself. that will make oneself feel 'alive' (again)..
The most important thing I done for while...
A book about childhood stories
I have to decide whether to take a small book I have written and expand it or start on a totally different book.
Specifically, non-fiction
career inspiration / motivation or anything from my own experience by Age 30.
On the computer, hoping someday will put it out there. Once it finished and everyone likes it online then sure enough it will be book!
have ideas, have notes, need motivation
The November Novel writing thing, but improved story.
Added a thousand words