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Bake bread from scratch
Adding a small amount of steam in the oven while baking bread can result in a crispier crust.
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Love It!
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so we made 2 , I admit , the one that Haneen made was delicious, she made it with olive , mine was delicious 2 , I was planning to add to it dried thyme but I totally forgot :-)
Done rolls, dinner bread and angel rolls
My first loaf of sourdough!
Made homemade rolls completely from scratch
Volkorenbrood (Aug 9, 2014)
My first attempt - a little flat, but tasty!
Blog Post: Goal #71, Bake bread from scratch:

10/1/13 - Made Foccacia
Bought a bread machine. Now all our dough-based food stuffs are made as required. No shop-bought bread.

Also saving money by making our own pizza dough at the weekend, rather than order take-out.
I made a French stickbread today and it was yummie!
I made Homemade Honey French Bread on May 25, 2012 at Dad's house. It was interesting because I thought it would be more difficult, although I definitely brushed on egg yolk instead of egg white before baking it....hahahaha. Also, glad it didn't fly away because it was so windy this day! Had to put a pan on top while it was rising outside on the sun, but the pan still blew away once.
140 loaves

DONE - Sunday 22.01.2012
This was banana bread.
made zucchini bread from scratch on 7/12/2011
Done! Made
- pull-apart whole wheat buns (12/3)
- whole wheat herbed loaf (12/28)
Haven't done the bread yet, but have done pitas and was pretty impressed!!
Bread is a staple food prepared from a dough of flour and water, usually by baking. Throughout recorded history and around the world, it has been an important part of many cultures' diet. It is one of the oldest human-made foods, having been of significance since the dawn of agriculture, and plays an essential role in both religious rituals and secular culture.
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