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Learn how to juggle
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In progress! @ campwildfire I signed up to learn how to juggle, but I only mastered two bean bags a couple of non stop times. I need more practise and will mark as complete when I can do three balls continuously 20 times.
I taught Anthony to juggle just before we took the trip to Venice! And I have video...
During internship at Droomparken
I'm going to consider this one done as I can successfully juggle three balls for about 5-10 minutes before dropping them but I'm still going to keep practicing.
I was only playing around when I started. I didn’t have real juggling balls, or bowling pins – none of that fancy stuff, so I replaced them with tennis balls. A night in the year of 2010 at around 2 in the morning, I suddenly decided that I would try juggling. I figured that I would start off easy, and then build up to it. So I first learned how to juggle with one hand, and two balls. Tossing a ball up, throwing the other up, rebounding the first one back into the air as soon as it touched my hand, and then doing the same with the second ball. All was done with one hand. After practicing long hours, I was so thrilled with the results. I could actually do it! The next day consisted of some more practicing until I was comfortable enough with this new skill that I could advance to the regular three-ball cascade, now knowing that juggling was not as impossible as I’d assumed it was. The past summer of 2011, I found the same tennis balls tucked away with some old toys. I started learning some tricks, watching Youtube videos online, and mastered several of them including the overthrow, the half-shower, columns, overthrow juggling, juggler’s tennis, an under-the-leg trick, and one that I created myself. I practiced nearly everyday until it became a replacement of sport to me. Each practice ended with my arms exhausted and sore, and my whole body sweating from having chased the balls each time I dropped them. It was actually pretty fun, and now I’m working on juggling in public - just once for the experience of it.
I have juggling balls and books on how to juggle. I also have an acquaintance who has offered to help.