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50 Skills You Can Learn Independently in Five Hours or Less!
The Day Zero community has always embraced the challenge of learning new skills and self improvement. This list of things you can learn yourself was assembled from a recent Reddit thread when the question was asked, What skill can anyone independently learn in five hours?.
  1. Learn how to juggle
Start simple and progress from there: Learn to juggle with three balls (Four balls, Five balls). Then try some more challengine objects: Learn to juggle clubs, Learn to juggle with fire sticks. Or try a juggling skill with a friend: Learn to tandem juggle.
  2. Learn how to bake cookies
Why not start with the classic: Bake chocolate chip cookies. Or for something a little more fun: Make cookies shaped like teapots
  3. Learn how to change a flat tire
Become more self sufficient! You can even match this up with a goal to Learn basic car maintenance.
  6. Learn CPR
It's as simple as ABC - Airway, Breathing and Circulation!
  7. Learn how to make knots
Square Knot, Clove Hitch, Bowline, Figure 8, Sheet Bend, Two Half Hitches, Carrick Bend, and so many more. How many do you know?
  8. Learn to differentiate between crows and ravens
One of the best ways to tell crows and ravens apart is by their calls, but there are other clues. Ravens are larger and often travel in pairs, while crows are typically seen in larger groups.
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15. Learn Hangul (Korean alphabet)
Start with a simple greeting - here is how to say hello: 안녕하세요
17. Learn how to play three guitar chords
Once you have the three chords figured out, you can Learn a song on guitar!
19. Learn basic HTML
Once you have the basics figured out you can progress to Learn JavaScript and Learn CSS.
22. Learn to tie a tie
The most popular style is the Windsor knot, but there are many other methods you can experiment with, including the Four-in-Hand, The Pratt (Shelby), the Ascot, the Kelvin, and many more!
26. Learn meditation
Find the right technique for you - some of the more popular practices are Buddhist (Zen, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Metta), Hindu (Mantra, Transcendental, Yoga), and Chinese (Taoist, Qigong).
36. Learn to throw knives
If you are looking for something a little less dangerous, Learn to throw a frisbee, or even Learn to throw a boomerang.
37. Learn to play chess
The ultimate goal is to get good enough to Win a game of chess.
38. Learn origami
Start simple, then work up to the classic origami project: Learn how to make an origami crane.
43. Learn to shuffle cards properly
Once you have them shuffled, why not learn how to play Poker, Texas Hold ’em, or Blackjack?
47. Learn to ollie on a skateboard
Got it mastered? Now try and learn to kickflip!
49. Learn speed reading
Accomplish this goal and you can try to Finish reading a book in a day.
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