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Improve my posture
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My posture has improved dramatically since I started doing weightlifting with my personal trainer.
Definitely improving. Spent 10 days travelling while hauling my luggage and camera bag around with no back pain.
Tried out one of those bra things that keeps you with good posture. Didn’t completely fix it but helped for a bit. 11/5/18
Began more extensive core exercising on Nov 23rd. Taking it slow as I believe I have ANOTHER slipped/bulged disc in my thoracic spine.
Starting with my neck curvature, as that's one thing I can fix largely on my own. Watching correction videos and learning about proper spinal positioning. The 36N breasts don't help (pulls my shoulders, head, neck, everything forward), but if I can be more conscious about it, perhaps I can correct some of the negative change that has occurred over the last two decades.
I am at this point where people start complimenting me because I look way healthier than before.

I feel good and I start to notice it on pictures that I lost weight and look good ^^

So yeah, it feels great
Using these as guides:

1. http://www.wikihow.com/Improve-Your-Posture

2. http://www.musclehack.com/10-easy-ways-to-improve-your-posture/

I think to start I am just going to focus on being aware of my posture and pretending that I have a string pulling my head my I notice myself slouching.
starting a programme to improve my posture as of today 21/12/2016
Reminding myself every five minutes not to slouch ><
Am constantly mindful of my posture and keep it neutral most of the time.
Strengthening core through exercise
Going to the chiropractor and exercising to help my scoliosis

Yoga and a chiropractor
The posture fixed - what is left now is maintaining the habit of sitting straight and doing everyday exercises for the back
We've adjusted my office chair to improve my posture at work. I plan to look up exercises that will improve posture as well.
Work in progress. Getting better when standing up teaching!
Tenho vindo a esforçar-me por ter as costas bem mais direitinhas... comparando com o início do Day Zero Project estou bem melhor. Yay!
J'assouplis mon bassin.

Je redresse ma poitrine.
The best way I can think to do this is to do yoga everyday. Starting today...
Got these... athletic tapes which pull my shoulders a bit back. They said it should last ~a week and I hope it works :D
Position while riding improved! Now work on riding a scooter normally :P
Not easy, but working on it.
Ways to accomplish this:
- Put a book over my head while on computer?
**Hopefully becomes habit
PostIt Note at work. :)
1. walk straight
2. sit up straight
3. hold stomach in
4. stop crossing legs
-Mary re stabalisers 02/2012
- Back supports car and home 12/2011
When I have core body strength to do shoulder stands
Stand/sit up straight
I don't know if it will help or not, but 8/20/2011- I had an ergonomics consultation at work a couple of weeks ago which yielded a new, better chair that offers better upper back support. Hopefully this will help me to sit up better at work.
sit properly at work - sit right back in my chair, and no folding one leg under myself.
Bought Reebok Easytone shoes
Find some posture exercises. Do something to remind myself to stand up straight when walking, especially in public.
A new me from the inside out goals
It's beautiful. Occasionally.
-Mary re stabalisers 02/2012
- Back supports car and home 12/2011
ieshu uz zaali, tad jau buus kk
Seeing a Chiropractor!
Add specific back stretches and exercises to daily routine tomorrow!
Im trying to do a stretching exercise everyday.
Chiropractor gave me 3 exercises that seem like they may actually do something. Woo!
Saw a chiropractor. She says she can fix me. We'll see about that.
Past few days have been making myself more conscious of how I am standing during specific task.
Today I focused a lot on my posture whislt sitting aswell. My upper back is rather sore...so hopefully that is a good sign given my backs history.
vamos tentando aí o tempo todo, haha