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Learn Spanish
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Love It!
On 3,718 lists and 485 people have done it.
-Currently own books to learn this language
I am about halfway through the second unit in Duolingo's Spanish course. I will update each time I complete a lesson.
I need to plan this better and work harder.
95 Days on DuoLingo so far!!
I practiced fourteen days in a row on Duo Lingo.
Started Duo Lingo and hoping to eventually find someone to practice conversations with.
Started a DuoLingo Habit.
Learned enough to vacation in Spain!
Currently at A2 level. Aiming for B2.
I've been using Memrise and Duolingo to dabble with leaning Spanish to see if I really do want to pursue the language and so far I've been really enjoying it.

Since I've been studying French, a lot of the words are similar and I'm familiar with the concept of the conjugations so it's actually been a breeze! I'm still only at the beginner stages so my opinion could change when I start grappling with more complex grammar!

Anyway, I've been learning Spanish from English via Memrise, and Spanish from French on Duolingo (so that I can also solidify my French).

Now that I know that I definitely do want to learn Spanish, I'm going to invest in some textbooks to learn Spanish from French. I know of the Assimil books but I need to have a look around to see what's out there before parting with my cash!
Got back on track yesterday. I used to have a nice streak on Duolingo, but got off the track. Now I'm back at it. But more then that, I started to relect on my passion and motivations. Why did I want to learn Spanish in the first place? ... Actualy, there's no clear answer to that - yet. I'm still thinking about it.
continuing 2019 02 17
To make this more of a smart goal, I am going to say get all skills on duolingo tree (current expansion) to level 3.
Practicing every day since may 2018
started on DuoLingo ...
i.e. max out the Duolingo tree
37% proficient on Duolingo and practising everyday :)
began on 1st of january
Learning on Future Learn
free if you know friend or some one that knows it
Get to 90% proficeny on duolingo
Currently taking a module in uni
Very helpful in getting started, fun, and addictive
French, spanish og german
Began Duolingo Spanish
Everyday Duolingo and then write down on mondays
Signed up on a spanish forum, registered for a spanish grammar teaching site and found a spanish podcast site. Next step is to find a cheap spanish textbook.
I will start it next year when we can do Subject Elections. Here I come Spanish! :D
A1 is passed! :)

To be continued... :D
Prereq: House & life organized!
Thank you DUOLINGO!
I learned Spanish for beginners. I took some classis in Spannish for my education.
Lived in México for a year, so, yeah, i learned spanish ;)
first lesson tonight!!

took the first step and downloaded an audiobook app to my phone. let the learning begin!
15 units of Spanish, can text/talk with my parents in the language. BOOM.
Finished SPA 1, working on SPA 2! Went to Puerto Rico and practiced speaking with family. (:
Returned Rosetta Stone so I can focus on training instead. Happy with this decision at this time point in my life.
Finished my first quarter of university level Spanish, and going to Puerto Rico to practice it!
Have enrolled on a learndirect Spanish course - (Groupon offer).
http://www.thespanishblog.com free video lessons enjoy!
Learn the words and grammar and re-enter the course
Success criteria needs to be more stridently defined
Learn enough spanish to have a small conversation & understand what is being said.
Sept 09 - Found some OU courses
Started BBC's Spanish Language lessons.
Yesterday my father gave me a book I might read in Spanish, only it was a bit too difficult (I was practically reading the dictionary instead of the book)and it turned out to be the third book of a trilogy, something my father hadn't noticed when he brought it from the library. Well, I guess I'm going to read it anyway, and I can put this book on my list of 40 books I have to read!
Februari 2012 Beginners 2
step 1: enter the free online course
step 2: do the course
step 3: repeat grammar and words
step 4: don't forget to practice!
step 5: re-enter the course in feb.2012
2 months in South America have kick-started my learning, but I want to take a class when I arrive home
Just purchased Rosetta stone
Currently signed up in an online Spanish course for beginners.
Completed 15 chapters of Pimsler Spanish
Attending Spanish Meet-up group meeting on Oct. 19th.
Step 1 is done. Now I have 6 months to complete the online course :-)
I'm not good enough to be conversational, but I have taken quite a few classes already.
If I get to know people who speak it (and will force me to talk to them using Spanish) then I'll likely reach my goal in time.
Fingers crossed!
Gotta get done in time to be fluent for my trip to Spain.
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