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Run a 5K race
Start by gradually increasing your running distance and incorporating interval training to build endurance and speed.
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August 6th, 2023 - my first 5K race
Signed up for a race 9/25
47:30. 55° and raining. But, I came in vertical and that's all that matters.
Completed Reformation Day 5k!
Metrowest Corporate 5K. Time: 41:01
Me and my sister before (top) and after (bottom) we ran our first 5K race. We ran for Cancer Research UK. My time was 36:39.

Eastbourne Parkrun 33:07
I started my training today! I am using the Couch to 5K app again to help ease myself back into running. I have already completed the programme, but since it's been almost a year since I last ran I thought it would be a good tool.

I have just signed me and my sisters up for our first ever 5k. We'll be raising money for Cancer Research.

Brookfield zoo run. 29:41.2. Placed 22nd of females 35-39. Set my best mile and 5k time ever!
8/9/16: ran 3.1 miles (no walking)
I'm probably not getting on a 5k til next year but for now I have resumed *training*.
5k 04/09/2016 27m:00s 5'24"/km Parque Morelos

5k 04/16/2016 26m:55s 5'23"/km Parque Morelos
Training 5K begginer
Madison Mini-Marathon and 5k

Get Your Rear in Gear Colon Cancer 5k
Sprinting now to the finish line! My time was something like 34:20, which I'm pretty happy with for my first race! So happy to have had this experience!
That's me waving as I'm nearing the finish line at the local 2015 Turkey Trot 5K race (my first ever 5K race!)
Ran the first mile (plus some) without stopping, then only minimal walking breaks. Chip time 38:16 for a 3.26-mile course. Not too shabby for not having trained much at all...but now to do better on the next one!
Okay okay alright alright. I went almost a year without running. It's one of my biggest mental blocks. I so badly want to be a runner, just a 10k here and there would make me VERY PROUD AND HAPPY. I have always thought I wasn't capable of being one of those people.

I have been horrifically depressed these past several months, which is nothing new, and I have only exercised a handful of times since November. I know exercise helps lessen depression but I've been so depressed I couldn't fathom breaking an intentional sweat. The other night I was wallowing at midnight for another day and night wasted, when I finally decided to throw my runners on and go for a walk/jog.

First time - walked for half an hour and ran one and ones for twenty-five minutes. 54:42.

Second time - ran two and ones for thirty-two minutes, walked for twenty-two minutes. 53:47.

I know 5k in practically an hour is not impressive to the average runner, but for ME, sad girl who has been sitting around eating donuts and putting on pounds for the last 11 months, this is an accomplishment. If I shave even a minute off every other day I'll be happy and proud.

Though I didn't run the whole thing, I'm so unbelievably proud of myself for running the most I've EVER run before straight. (It was at least 1.5M, maybe even 2M. We walked some but ran a lot of it. What a fun day!
Camp Pendleton Mud Run 2015
2014-7-26 Matt and I ran the Blacklight run. He ran the whole thing, and I ran about 2 miles and walked the rest.
Signed up for Race for the Cure

Sent info to Pam and Tammy
Ran Seafair Torchlight 8k! 7/26/2014
Finished the Color Run 5k! (July 13th, 2014)
19 July 2014: Walked Nolan Trail. 5 mile trail, but registered as 6.77 miles.
6/8/14 Color Run!
Completed on 05/31: Time was 30:41...not too shabby. Thinking about moving on to a half marathon in October.
5/22/14 - Alaska Girls Walk and Wine 5K
I just registered for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon Weekend's 5k! My friend Meghan is running the marathon, my brother (her boyfriend) is thinking of running the half marathon...and I'll be running the 5k! It's 5 whole months away so at that point I might be ready to run a 10k, but there's no 10k option that weekend.
Alright! In March my friend Caroline and I started a Learn To Run clinic at our local Running Room. The goal is to work your way up to 20 minutes or 2.5 kilometres of running. When we started in March it was a struggle running for one minute (and walking for a minute) for a total of 20 minutes...now I'm doing 6 and 1's for 19 minutes no problem! I'm glad we decided to do the Learn To Run instead of the 5k - I'm seeing more and more the positive effects of setting small goals and tackling them steadily instead of setting lofty goals and feeling bad about not getting them done as quickly as I'd like to. Come the end of July I'll be running 5k no problem!
Even out of town for the weekend, got my run in. Only about 3 more weeks of training left..
Continue to train for the 05/31/2014 5K..now in my 6th week of classes. In fact, today will be a run day.
Still like the idea of a color run...and will probably do one eventually...but I'll be doing the LoveWorks 5K in Gahanna, OH on 05/31/2014:


Started classes on 03/08 geared toward getting me ready for it:


Picked up new running shoes today :)
Fur Rondy Frostbite Footrace 2014
Frostbite Footrace! 2/22/2014
I think a color run would probably be a GREAT idea here:


Sportsability with Team APD
April 2013 - Dirty Girl
Community Day 5K, Aug. 3, 2013, in 49:15
Run or Dye - September 14, 2013
Going to start training for this. UH OH
Right after I finished my 5k (Color Run Lansing 2013)
Ran in the McGuire's Irish Pub race in Pensacola FL and drank all the beer afterwards that I could drink.. for free! Was a good race and my favorite 5k. I will be doing it again next year.
07132013: OC ROC Race with my sister
Glow Run - May 11, 2013
Ended up walking a 10K with my mom...think that covers this one :)
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure May 11, 2013
Get Your Rear in Gear <3
5k in 34 mins. Emi <3
Ran my first 5K race on Februay 9, 2013, the Freeze Your Buns Off 5K in Castle Rock, CO.
So far have run, 80s Party run, Mud run, Electric Run, New years Race 2013, Color me rad, and upcoming is Hollywood 5k! I feel so accomplished after each of them!
Ran the New Years 2013 Run Los Angeles 5k It was awesome and my second shiny medal next ones in April and then in June YAY!

October 3, 2012

January 26, 2013

The Color Run - Des Moines and Phoenix
Race for Life in 42 minutes!
Drumstick Dash; Roanoke, VA; November 24, 2012
09.23.12-Run Your Buns Off 5k benefit for Ohio House Rabbit Rescue. 30:50, first in my age class! (20-29 y female)
Signed up for my 5K! Going to be on October 6th in Lawrenceville!!!
5K River Run August 12th 2012
Found a 5K to run in October in Lawrenceville, the week after finishing the C25K program. http://www.georgiaraceforautism.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=58&Itemid=166
Registered for a zombie run, called "Run for Your Lives". 2 of my friends and my sister also registered, so it should be fun :)