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Go camping
The most popular camping destination with the Day Zero community is .
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Ministikwan June 2022
Ness Creek July 2022
Went camping May half term 2022
We bought a tent last weekend and we've booked to go camping next month in Barmouth. My nan lives there and I haven't seen her since before the pandemic, so I'm really looking forward to seeing her. We'll be seeing her over her birthday, and she'll be 84!
Beren kijken Mei 2022.
Lieberman April 2021
Turquoise Lake, summer 2020
Moab, UT spring 2021
August 28-30, 2020
August 28-30, 2020
Après 7 ans à en parler on est enfin parti en vacances ensemble Apolline et moi ! Du 12 au 17 septembre on est allé faire du camping à Vallon Pont d'arc
Choose a location that I have not been to before.
Our first camping trip together! Wales, Betws y Coed, July 2019
I'll be going camping with the Girl Guides on the 21st of this month. There's only 9 girls going so it shouldn't be too stressful, and it's only for two nights as they have school to go to on the Monday! Luckily I haven't been asked to do much, just run a wide game and be the designated first aider, so I'm pretty pleased about that!
[X] Purchase a larger family sized tent... with two girls ours isn't big enough any more.

[X] Reservations for campsite at state park, made 05.18.19

[ ] Camp out at our home or lake
Kellingheath July 2017
6/29/18-6/30/18, Tahoe DL Bliss with Stephanie, Jodi and Christa
Dam Cliffs, Blue Mountains
Went camping in Big Sur with the fam! Lots of fun! :)
A plan is afoot...
Planned a family camping trip in May 2018
In summer 2017 we bought a huge tent in the Halfords sale and camped near Seahouses for 2 days. It rained. A lot. But it was good fun!
21-22 October, 2017: Drove 5 hours south-east of Perth, climbed to the top Bluff Knoll, then camped overnight in a tent at a Stirling Ranges campsite and woke up to light rain and some thunder.
freedom camping and doc hut camping :D
Death Valley - 1/27-1/29. Went camping in Death Valley for 2 nights with Kiki. Camped in her tent outside my car at the Texas Springs campground. Had an incredible time laying on the roof of my car star gazing at the insanely bright stars in the sky. Never have I seen that many stars in my life. Heard lots of Coyotes during the night which was awesome. Definitely excited to camp again soon.
Done last campingin beautiful island of Gotland. Surounded by pure running water springs and juniper trees<3
Camped at Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois
Camping on Sivec meadow.
camping in free camping sites, picnic areas and waterfalls along the road trip.
Big Sur with Ricky!
Done! Went camping as a family with the Boy Scouts. First time one had ever been camping and the first time two had been fishing.
Went camping with the girls and it was great!
Camped in Marble Hill, GA for Brenna's birthday - March 5th, 2016. I slept in a tent and peed in the woods and grilled a hot dog and roasted marshmallows and drank whiskey and everything.
Had so much fun camping with my family, even though it was a lot of work and it got below freezing at night! We'll all have great memories from this trip!
[ ] 1. Call and ask about cost and reservation of campground (and times we can arrive/have to leave by), etc.

[ X ] 2. Get primary sub for that Sunday

[ ] 3. Make sure everyone has work off for that day and can come

[ ] 4. Look into cost of renting/buying tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags, sleeping pads

[ ] 5. Plan schedule of when to arrive, set up, eat, and what activities we can do

[ ] 6. Plan food and s'mores and ingredients/materials needed for that

Camped in the backyard
Thetford Forest, 12/06/15

Went camping for 2 nights and barbecued for the first time!
Camped at various sites around Lake Bunyoni and the surrounding areas/islands throughout our 4 day trek to see the last of the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. Also camped during safari and watched a hippo walk past the tent in the middle of the night!
So this happened without me even remembering that I had wanted to!! I went camping with a few friends last month which also included tubing down a river! To add to this lovely event - pudgy pies and lots of other tasty snacks were involved!
15th July 2015 bush camp, Balule Reserve | 17-23rd July 2015 Exodus Camp, Sodwana Bay
Went camping for the second year in a row! Dunno why the pic uploaded sideways though, lol.
Camped pretty much everyday for 2 weeks on my Africa trip. When I got to an actual shower, it was amazing!
I know. Slightly lop-sided! And on a gradual slope. I think there was also an ants nest somewhere nearby. My first attempt to put up a tent was not the greatest of success'...
Still have to spruce it up a bit, we need some rugs and camping supplies but for our first time with the trailer it was kick ass!
At the Winsheilds camping site Winshields Farm in Hexham.
Jasper May Long wknd :)
Blue Ridge Mountain Shennadoah Valley Fall Break 2014 Sophomore Year
More photos http://wheeee.ru/blog/4-h-dnevnyj-pohod
Velobrauciens Kurzeme 2014
Took the boys camping September 13.
Nairn falls with Leon en Sibrand, augustus 2014
The day me katie and starr shared a tent. We played cheat and spent the day hiking round the peack district. TEAM perham
The day me star and katie shared a tent. We played cheat and just talked. The previous day we did a hike with team perham whith pete our leader being very kind
We borrowed a trailer from IB and Hans. SG, G and I went to Húsafell for 2 nights
@ Emberton with the Harris' Aug 2014
It monsooned and I went drifting down the river after my canoe flipped, but I still had a blast. =)
Done! 21-24/06/2014
Went with drew in December (:
My home while on the Inca Trail.
Josh, Amily & I took a trip to Lake Tenkiller. We kayaked and camped and lazied in our hammock.
Camping at Fairview first weekend in May.
Gilbert Lake October 2013
WCC at Redwood Christian Park 2/14-2/18/2014
Ilha grande em Janeiro de 2014!!
Be at one with nature. Why not!