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Learn to knit
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Knitting 101 class at Amarillo College

When done, replace with knit a scarf/a sweater
Well, just about had a meltdown. I learned had to add another skein of yarn to my scarf because I had ran out of yarn. I was cruising along and thought..."I'm getting pretty good at this".

I screwed up the last stich on the row I was knitting and had this wonderful thought that I would just take off the last row of stiches and resume.

Needless to say I was having difficulties finding the loops to run my needle through, and I ended up backtracking almost to where I had adding the second skein of yarn.

I'm STILL not sure if I got it right. I had to put it down, and get ready for work. Hopefully a little time away from it will give me a new set of eyes.
Learning to knit a scarf via Youtube. I have learned how to cast on, and your basic pearl stitch so far.
16/01/16: Started learning with Mo
1) Create 10 items (not clothes)

2) Make a Peruvian hat

3) Make a scarf

4) Make a cardigan for Francis

5) Make myself a cardigan

6) Make a jumper

Finished a touque. Basic knitting skills accomplished!
Started making a scarf - nice and simple but it's a start. To complete before it's really cold!
I went to a knit and natter group with the Shoreditch WI - I learned how to cast on, do a simple knit stitch and cast off - I have discovered I don't like knitting so that is as far as I will go!
Learned how to knit November 23, 2013 and started knitting my own scarf! (Will include pictures when finished.)
Crochet instead. Michaels class October 2nd.
Crochet instead. Michaels class October 2nd.
Not perfect, but well on its way.
First material and instruments.
Got knitting stuff for christmas from my mom!
Started learning. I can get a base started and a couple of rows. I'll get better. I wouldn't say I've "learned" yet
Why I want it

I think this would be nice to be able to knit and watch tv and maybe be able to make a scarf or throw

How I plan to achieve it

Youtube videos and practice
Jan 24: Started working on a simple headband pattern using the open star stitch!
My first knitting project was a scarf for one of my beauty queens! She didn't mind that it was not perfect!
Bought the needles and wool last night, and already have knitted about 50 rows. Came right back to me from when i did knitting at school. Relaxing. Making a scarf. Will make complete once scarf is finished.
Take a knitting class
I did this a long time ago, and have forgotten since. I'd like to relearn.
Learned it when I was a kid and then forgot it again but it all came back when I attended a housewife school for one semester.
At least knit a scarf to prove it.
I have always wanted to learn how to knit! I think I used to know how to do this when I was a kid, but it would be great to make scarves, etc, for me and others. I also really want to incorporate beads, to make jewelry.
Augustus 2011: Unit C
Accomplished February 8, 2011 (for current ATC show!)
Made booties :-) and much much more
18.02.12: Learned it! At least the basics. I'm on a scarf and right now it's 20 cm long. So Socks.. Here I come!
Bought Knitty Gritty in the hopes of teaching myself.
Casting on and basic row stitches understood - tension needs a bit of work though :)
Knitting is a method for production of textile fabrics by interlacing yarn loops with loops of the same or other yarns. It is used to create many types of garments. Knitting may be done by hand or by machine.
This description uses material from the Wikipedia article on Knitting and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (view authors).