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BSc Psychology Hons, First-Class!
Associate in Applied Science - Accounting Major
Graduated with Honors
August 2020
High School - 6/1996

Associates Degree - 5/2014
Before I can graduate, I need to register, and to register I need a lump of cash.
I finally graduated!
DONE. The most impossible goal on my list has been achieved! Onto the next.
Graduation from Southern Institute of Technology.
Just a few more months and I will have a BA (Hons) English Literature.
After much deliberation I decided not to attend a ceremony for my degree. It just seemed a little weird when the OU is such a personal, long-distance thing - I've never actually met anyone from the uni in person haha!! But I have my certificate and I can put fancy letters after my name so for all intents and purposes I am an official university graduate!
Graduation selfie! First Class Honours - huge surprise!
So I passed my final module with a distinction, meaning I'm able to graduate with a first in International Studies!! Feeling very proud of myself; the long slog has paid off!

Now all I have left to do is accept the qualification, book my graduation ceremony and walk across that stage!
Yes baby! Finally!!
I've finished my degree but can't graduate until December
27th May 2015, CNATL
Examination for(hopefully) my final module sat today! Cannot believe it!!! Really hoping I've done enough to get the result I want. Only time will tell, about 6 weeks to agonisingly wait and try and forget it ever happened haha!
Finally! :)! Bachelor of Science :)
Preparing for my last TMA - ahhhhhh!!!
13/02/2014 - Graduation date *-*
University of Brighton 2011
It's assignment weekend!

Gone from being so behind just after Christmas to feeling very on top of things and prepared for this one which is good. Can't believe I can count the amount of assignments, tests and exams I have left to do on just one hand - where have the past 4.5 years gone?!

Madrid (Spain).

The struggle is so real. The motivation is seriously lacking. But I'm pushing through as best I can. It comes in fits and starts. For days I can be completely not bothered about doing any work. Then I'll have a run of coming in every evening and powering through before returning to the same unconcerned state of the preceding period. But it's getting there, slowly. The end is just about in sight.
The last test of my schooling :)
Passed my two modules from last year with a distinction and a grade 2 pass! Was so relieved to get those results while I was away. Signed up for my final module now - can't believe I've reached this point!!!
SFX - Humane Wetenschappen - A-attest
I earned my M.Ed. in Counseling with a 3.95 GPA from the University of New Orleans on May 16, 2014. Go me!
BIS obtained the same day Jenn got her BA!
Continuous assessment done - crazy ending to a crazy year of study! Just the two examinable assessment pieces to be done now - 8,000 words in the next month. Will start on those tomorrow - still on a come down after the stress of the last two assignments haha!!
Graduated from high school! HAVO/BRC
And that cutiepatootie is Aida and the stunner is Madhu :)

Cant seem to find a picture with Rhea on it.
At the Graduation Ceremony, sitting with the class :)
Silly billy Chhachhers :)
With Jillikins and Pattio :)
Halfway through the continuous assessment aspect of each course now. Crazy how fast time flies but still soooooo much to do!!
So this is my life until June next year. First assignments done and returned - 67% on one and 95% on the other. Clearly my forté lies in one more than the other!! But I admit that these were both rushed, due to the overlap with my full-time job before I reduced my hours. Hopefully I can improve the weaker module and maintain the strong one over the coming months.
Module websites open, study guides read - hard work begins this weekend!
OU textbooks for the next two modules have arrived today - eeekkk!!
Already halfway to my degree. Signed up to two OU modules commencing October 2013.
Graduated on June 28th!
Gemeenteschool Hoogstraten '07

Klein Seminarie '13
Graduation, July 2011
I'll be starting my final year in september
Midway through 3rd year! Things are going well!

1) Internship

2) Exams

3) Bachelor-Exam
CLASS OF 2012!!!

High School graduate as of September 19th 2012
I graduated from SCAD on 6/2/12!
Digital Photography. Graduated and got my diploma June 2011. Happiest day ever!
Graduation is the awarding of a diploma to a student by an educational institution. It may also refer to the ceremony that is associated with it. The date of the graduation ceremony is often called graduation day. The graduation ceremony is also sometimes called: commencement, congregation, convocation or invocation.
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