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Watch a play at a local theater
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Neptune a Dickens Christmas Carol with Kevin and Brett
Aladdin at Capitol Theatre
Once More With Feeling - Buffy Musical Sing/read-a-long @ Bad Dog Comedy Theatre.

With Julia - dressed as Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls.
Dirty Dancing @ Theatre Royal

Man of La Mancha at the Rep in MKE
I've seen As You Like It at the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta with my sister and boyfriend
Any Green Theatre play
Teatr współczesny - "Zakonnica i wariat'
Went to see Two Street- A Tale of Star Crossed Mummers during FringeFest in Philadelphia! 11/12/14
Went to see the Sound of Music at the Sullivan theatre with Santana, his mom and Glenna Starkey.
Watched my little sister in Once Upon a Dream 2013
Novembro 2013 - "A Dama do Intendente" in Algés
Noises Off seen at the New Alex, Birmingham 28 June 2013

Entertaining and fun but not the funniest play in the English language!
A goal can be a beginning of a new tradition. We have already got tickets on another play.

With Kevin, Rinie and Betsy, we saw Yvon act in a play which was called the deadly shining at a local theatre 27-10-2012
November 16,2012 Went to see Friday Night Live at 49 Franklin! What a blast!! Gut busting laughs all night long! What great talent in this River Valley! So glad we went! Cant wait for the next show!
I always attend Centrepoint Theatre performances!
Planning to see Wicked this weekend 05/18/2012