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Run a half marathon
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Love It!
On 5,218 lists and 622 people have done it.
I'm running two times a week. At the moment building up to 7k
I've done this! probably at least 15 times. It's a nice distance to train for than a full Marathon. Definitely will keep a person fit, butyou won't have to dedicate your life to it, like you might with Marathon training...
Time: 2:12:01
Pace: 9'55"
Vancouver Sun Run - April 18, 2021
I got really close to this one...but...I'm not naturally active. I looooove the couch and slowly quit running. So it's back to square one...
Reykjarvíkurmaraþon 2018 (Tími 2:05)
entered the Brighton half marathon 2019
Booked one for October but it will be after my 1001 days is over :/
Found a half marathon which is close to home. It's in July. Hoping to run it this year.
1. Canyonlands - March 2012

2. Rock n' Roll Half Marathon - October 2013

3. Colfax Half Marathon - May 2015

4. Louisville Trail Half - Oct 2015

5. Colfax Half Marathon - May 2017

6. Golden Leaf Half Marathon - September 2017
Queen Bee Half Marathon - Cincinnati OH
Registered for Whistlestop 1/2- Run Date is October 14th

Won guaranteed entry into the Grandma's 1/2 in June
The Perth Guinness World Record Kilt Run! :D
Rock and Roll Half Marathon Vancouver 2015
It's not noted here but longest run I did was 12 miles (really close to 13.1) but I got out of doing the regular running and had to restart. Did a 5.69 mile run tonight and starting 1/3, I begin an "official" training program via my RunKeeper phone app. Still no goal race though..thinking about Gem City as it's probably still early enough to get a decent price. Cap City is up to about $100 already!
Finished Zeitgeist Half Marathon in 2 hrs 36 min

Ran Zeitgeist Half Marathon in 3:02:51 on 11/7/15
Detroit International Half Marathon!!
Lake Michigan Trail Half Marathon- weather was brutally hot, had heat exhaustion/stroke (couldn't breathe, dizzy, vomited), but I walked when needed & finished the race....

Before I turn 30.
Signed up for Rock 'n' Roll half marathon on July 19th. 50% through training program as of 5/25!
I just signed up for the Houston Half Marathon on September 19, 2015. eek!!
Bergen City Marathon 25. april 2015
[x] Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon-November 8, 2014 3:32:03
Halve Marathon Eindhoven : 12 oktober 2014
WOW! I can't believe I'll be running the Rock N Roll Half- St Louis in just a few hours!
Trailblazer 2014 - http://wonderland-moments.blogspot.com/2014/05/trailblazer.html
QCM Sept 2014 1:48ish
Most recent training run was 5.65 miles..a little under halfway to the 13.1 goal.
Looking to select one to make my target race now.
DONE 04.05.2014. Even more than half marathon. Ran 29km. @RedBullWingsForLifeWorldRun. Poznan, Poland. 4th place in women rank.
Dayton, OH Air Force Marathon September 2014
Training started today, 1/20/14!
1st half marathon at Run United 3 - October 2013, Manila

2nd half marathon at Standar Chartered Marathon - December 2013, Singapore
Warrior Dash 2013!
-Initially started February 26, 2013 (Using Megan's running schedule)

- Continued throughout the summer (Using running schedule I made)

-Ultimate goal: By the fall, I want to have run a half marathon
Scheduled: Cologne 2014
with Kim on 4.7.13 :) in 2:27:35
10/13/2012 - Baltimore Half Marathon
Dave has joined this goal!

Goal date: June 2014
on the way to the full .....
week 2 of training!
May 27, 2012- CDA Half 2 hours 46 minutes
Training has begun and the date is set!!
doesn't have to be sanctioned
I have officially signed up for disney food and wine festival!
Great North Run baby - 16th September!
I am working on comfortably running 30 minutes consistently before I start a training plan. I have also picked the half marathon that I want to do.
PF Chang 1/2 marathon January 17 ....

I clearly missed the mark for preparing for my first marathon. We all have busy lives and get overwhelmed.
So I may as well start small with half marathon first.
start with a 5k
I ran the Plymouth Marathon in 1981 and managed about half way a couple of years later. I'm in the lottery for a place in the London Marathon in 2011 but there is only a 1 in 4 chance of getting a place. I'd better start training soon, especially now that I'm committed to at least a half Marathon.
started start to run program
November 5, 2012 Savannah Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 marathon. Finished 2:12:27
Completed November 10, 2011
10.08.11 - Layton Utah Half Marathon (:
1:51:45 (2nd in age group)
Sept 11, 2011! Ran the Dinosaur Half Marathon in 2:52 with my good friend Barb Maile!
05/07/2011- Goal set to run the Houston Half on Oct 23rd, 2011(!!)
Disney Half Jan 8, 2011
Completed the National Half Marathon on March 26, 2011 in 2:16. Woo!
Wellington half marathon - 2.24mins on 27 June 2010.
April 1st is the date!
Started running on a treadmill in fitness club