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Spend a day at the beach
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I finally got my proper vacation after starting a new job in 2023.
It was full of activities but I got to spend some relaxing time on the beach as well.
September 2023, Maldives
w/BF and his cousin
We had a fun family day at the beach for my husband's birthday.
Spent the day at Monmouth beach with the gang for Sarah's surprise birthday trip
Burt Lake, Aug 17, 2019
Trip to Salvador with Amanda and Mariana.
With Jesse at Wrightsville Beach! SUNBURNT!!!!!
Went to Galveston with Peter during the last good beach weekend of 2018
Ilha do Mel, PR - Brazil. Dec.14-19, 2017.

Five incredible days enjoying the beaches of Ilha do Mel, while playing some jazz guitar at the local hotels. Gotta do that more often!
Sopot (+Gdańsk, Gdynia) 2017
Went to Sunset Bay state park with Steve and family. Had a wonderful day.
Renaissance Island, Aruba
Despite the sunscreen, I got the sunburn to prove it!
02/04/17 - 3pm- 8pm at Formby beach.
Leysdown on sea, 15.08.16
Even upside down, the beach was beautiful!
Went to Virginia Beach!
Een zalig dagje aan de Franse kust met mijn schatje <3.
I used to live at the beach, so I have done this quit a bit.
Praleidom dvi val prie jūros, pradžiai ;-)
Spent a lovely 24 hours off camp at Old Orchard Beach in Maine :)

Then many subsequent beach days as we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway on our post-camp travels.
On Toronto Island with Kim - got burnt!

Maybe I didn't spend the entire straight day on the beach, but since I was technically at the beach for several days, I say it counts. Another beach trip planned for this year! Hopefully more than one.
Sunrise in Kitty Hawk, Outer Banks, North Carolina
San Sebastian beach.. amazing!
Beach trip planned for September 30-October 3, 2014
frankrijk 2014

Juliette, daphne, rico, yaron
Went to Indian Rocks Beach with Nick Dreistadt.
Valencia, July 2014
Chad and I spent a day at Folly Beach, SC. We packed a cooler and ate lunch there. It was a beautiful day! After, we stopped at Crosby's Seafood and got fresh shrimp to bring home with us and cook.
Gorgeous day at the beach! Most of it was spent in the water!
Brewer's Bay, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 2/11/2014
We went to Virginia Beach! And yeah, we spent a few hours out there. It was so nice! I loved it and she did too!
Goderich/Grand Bend
April '13 - spent the day at Whitstable for my birthday <3 & Brighton for Kurstee's birthday :)
Agonda Beach, Goa, India
Did this with my sister :)
Kitsalano beach
I've spent a lot of days on the beach, living only an hour away. But this is by far one of my favorite days in recent months. The Long Beach Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA. We went at the end of August.
I define beach bum :) the is in my "backyard" both directions, I love living on a peninsula.
8th/9th September 2012: Done an all night film shoot on the beach for "Cigarettes We Smoked Together" (:
Not a real beach what passes for a beach in Illinois.
With Melissa all morning and then with Mom all evening!
old orchard beach with nicole, jimmy, michael, kaylee & kaidence
Last sunday I went to Barry Island, it was sunny and I was cold!
15th Jan 2012 - Formby - freezing cold but beautiful!
Photoshoot there
October 2nd 2011 - Blankenberg
Florida Keys 03/10/2011 to 03/21