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Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over
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Love It!
On 4,831 lists and 790 people have done it.
I thought I'd start as I mean to go on ... day one and one thing crossed off the list! I have written myself a letter to open on 25th August, 2026. It is hiding in the secret book .... and I have set a reminder on my calendar/task list of where it is, because otherwise I might forget all about it!
Wrote it in docs. Gonna transcribe it and put it in an envelope. Keeping the doc just in case I lose the physical copy, but I like the idea of opening a handwritten letter.
Done this today and sent it through futureme.org for good meassure.
The letter is written. Now, I just have to wait for the project to end so I can read it.
I wrote it in my diary (Note - do not forget)
Finally done and I got an envelope. Ready to be ready when the time comes.
Done. I still want to print and place in an envelope but that will do during the day. Well, this was also the first one I marked as done from this list.
Written for my Jan 1, 2022 - Sept 28, 2024 list
Sent via futureme.org!
Completed via futureme.org!
Wrote one via futureme.org, to be delivered to future me
In which I will lay out why I did this and what I hope happened over the course of the 1001 Days.
I wrote the letter to myself. Looking forward to enjoying the next 2.75 years before I have to open it!
April 16th

I have had the letter written for a little while now (few weeks), but still need to put it in an envelope to myself.
Alright future me,

We've done this before and didn't get very far. But we've picked more practical goals and it seems like we might actually get through most of the list this time. But, whatever happens, wherever the storms have taken us, I hope it was a wild ride. I strongly believe that our life (even if it's not really *going places* whatever that means) has been such a gift.

There were times when we questioned if getting through the rough crap was worth it. There were moments when we needed the people around us to scrape us up off the pavement and help us find our way again. But all the darkness, all the frustration, anger, and sorrow has been worth it. We have seen so much, done so much, learned so much. There is only more from here.

And sure, maybe more looks like less sometimes, but there is value in that, too. I hope wherever we are when we read this again, we still have room our heart to appreciate every little thing that comes our way. I hope we continue to have gratitude for those around us because we have surrounded ourself with some pretty stinking amazing people. I hope we have time for little moments and lots of love.

That's what all this is about, right?

Living your best life isn't always moving onto the next thing, or accomplishing some major goal. Maybe it's a nap on the couch with Elyjiah. Or a game night with friends. Or binge-watching a TV series we hate ourselves for loving with Mama. I hope this journey reminds us to enjoy all of what life happens. Even the things that hurt, because that's what opens us up to more.

More life. More love. More joy.
I've never written a letter to myself before, I thought it would be weird but it was actually pretty inspiring thinking of all the things I hope to accomplish in just 992 days from the day I wrote it .. Lets hope I remember to open it on the 8th of October 2021 .. I will find it in my memory box, the perfect place for its time ..
(its in your bullet journal)
New Year's Eve tonight. Opened and read my letter, the contents of which I had completely forgotten. I very nearly cried at how many promises to myself I have kept over the past few years. I very nearly cried at the last two lines, both of which have come true--

"I hope your grief has eased.

I hope these things have made you happy."
Received this, so cool!

The following is an email from the past, composed on March 29, 2016. It is being delivered from the past through FutureMe.org

Hi, it's just your 32 year old self writing to say hi. Don't mind me. I was inspired to do this by that bucket list website, dayzeroproject.com. Hopefully you still know what I'm talking about. If you don't remember, check it out to see how much of it you have accomplished (username is dreamcloud). Anyway, just know that's what your past self really wanted to achieve since I wrote this.

I'm sitting in the front room we recently painted red with both boys causing chaos with their toys. Pulling everything out of the toy chest and climbing on everything. They're only 4 and 2... what can you expect? Counting down the minutes until bedtime now.

It's been exactly 7 weeks since Dad died. I still can't truly believe it. I hope you are doing somewhat better now? Or that there have been no other unexpected "incidents" in our tiny family? Still very much shocked that the rock of our family is gone forever... far too soon. I'm sure it has sunk in a little better for you. But for me, it's still fresh.

All I hope for you is that you are happier now. That things are more settled. That things are still okay. I really do wish you all the best. I now know how precarious everything is and it's terrifying. For that reason I can't hope for too much because nothing is assured. :(

So, you're 35. That is a scary number, I have to admit. Time to really get serious. You scare me, future me, because I don't know what things will be like when this email reaches you. I only wish there was "pastme.org" to reassure me!

Best wishes,

your old self
one for each 334 day increment (almost every 1/3rd.)
This is the letter

Letter to myself to be opened when 1001 days is over

Hi Subodh,

Exciting to meet the past Subodh. I remember you laying on your favorite laptop desk and typing this letter. What I want you to understand is this is really happening. You did it! You are now IAS Subodh Ghuge. How wonderful. How Amazing. If not this letter, you would be in oblivion. It is like peeking it from the past to the future, or the other way round?

It has been a phenomenal journey. How accomplished I am that I chose being this way. Mousami and little Zara are loving. Dad, Mom and Dada are in good health and shape. Mom is keeping fit and she is completely transformed to a young lady!

What about you? You or I 😊, now is voted sexiest man alive. Can you imagine the kind of attention that I am getting by the slick chicks (and to mention the hot affair with the lady IAS officer in the training 😉). She is really amazing and loves me. Of course very hot, the one you always wanted to drill around, if I may say so. And Mousami is totally cool about it. As long as I fulfil on her promise. Wow, phew. Too many women want to grab my assets. Who wouldn’t? with a ripped body, 6 packs abs, muscular shoulders. Well I can go to Mr. India contest and win it too.

Business wise, I am 300 crore INR worth. My business of robotics is ranked number one in the world. I am commercially manufacturing the robots for household purposes. With the research that I did during these days, I hit a jackpot. The do-it-all robot can now do washing, cleaning, preparing recipes, love which is such an innovative idea that it was bought for 50 Billion dollars.

I am now meeting the Prime Minister and cabinet secretaries. I am proposing the policy for New India 2.0 which will bring India out of shackles of poverty. But I will not bore you with the details.

Yes, I am meeting her tonight again for a short steamy sex. At 8 PM in her bungalow. I will be flying to her place, a quick sex and back home in New Delhi at 9 PM. Sshh, don’t tell to Mousami, she knows, but we don’t discuss it often. She is taking care of Zara. One more is on the way. She is 3 months pregnant. She is living the life of her dreams.

And Thank you. For making me write to you, or rather making you write me. Whichever way it is, Thank you. It could not happen without you, giving everything for this one thing, tonight. As I live my moment, I remember and cherish YOU. I love her, and Mousami and Zara. And you.

I have written my letter :) And in case my future self forgets where I put it, it's in this book/box thing on my bookshelf!

To be opened on April 18th, 2021.
starting the note hoping to Print it out Tomorrow so I can read it on my 27 birthday to see what I was able to do in that time.
Used FutureMe.org to send a letter to myself on 26-Dec-2019.
safely amongst your books until the time comes to open.
Letter written and sealed on March 13, 2017
Completed on Dec. 28, 2016. I am putting it in the box in my closet.
Here's one side of my letter, I wrote more on the back.
I found this to be very cathartic and would recommend it to anyone doing this challenge. Plus it's an easy one to tick off your list!
Sent myself an email from futureme.org
I've never written a letter to myself before, it was so weird! I hope it makes me smile when I read it, hard to imagine where I'll be in December 2018
This is just the beginning!
I've just calculated that the date to open it is Monday, July 9, 2018.
Back right corner of desk drawer, under diaries
I should have done this right off the bat. I was in such a miserable place of despair the month/winter I started this list. I was heartbroken, depressed, lost and full of anger. Now I'm just plain old, boring, depressed. A letter from January 2014 would have been a reeeal treat to read in October 2016. I guess I should hunker down and write that thing this week.
This was wonderful for kind of re-affirming my intent and my hopes with this challenge, helping me visualize the life that these goals reflect my trying for. Can't wait to see what it's like to read it in 2018!
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Email sent through FutureMe on 13 April 2015 to arrive on day 1001!
I wrote this letter on the 4th of 1001 days, whilst on a train from Swansea to Leicester. I emailed it to myself (andrew.e.king@hotmail.com) via futureme.org,
Wrote an eight page letter.
To be opened 9/25/2017
Starting Jan 2015

Ending 30th Sept 2017
Emailed via Futureme.org
Wrote a letter to myself December 8th, 2014. About me, my state of mind, and whats going on.
Я сделала это в первый же день, положила в конверт и запечатала. Надеюсь смогу найти это письмо по истечении 1001 дня :)
I wrote a letter to myself and my husband on day 1 of our 1001 days calling to mind all the excitement that was held right before us over the next (almost) three years. I can't wait to look back on it at the end of our time and remember the excitement I had for the adventures we would share!
use http://www.futureme.org/
The letter to myself to be opened on April 24th, 2017
Written and delivery scheduled via futureme.org!
used futureme.org
Hooray!I did it!But I do'nt know,will I read it.
Charlotte has got it safe....... It was a little uninspiring, I just mentioned this list and what I expected to get and what I didn't...The 10 year letter will be a lot harder.
Wrote a letter about where I hope these goals will take me, who I'll be when I read it.
A cute little letter!
2/6/14 - Sent through futureme.org to morgan.miralles@gmail.com
I think I know the first item on my next list - "Find the letter you wrote to yourself for after the 1001 days were over". Lol.