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Dance in the rain
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Danced with myself but I enjoyed 💃💃😊
Dansen in de regen na een bloedhete dag zoals vandaag is absoluut geen straf. Het was heerlijk!!!
a few years ago i danced in the rain with my friend and sister
Dancing in the rain!! Experiencing so much joy!! :-D
Another lollapalooza fringe benefit!
During a rain storm at the end of the Bristol kite festival.
Went outside during No School Due to Rain day December 11, 2014
Ook hier helaas geen foto van, daar het alweer een tijdje geleden was en ik de foto kwijt ben, zal de volgende keer als het regent wel een nieuwe foto maken.
That one time the rain was pouring down and we ran out and had some fun!
Danced in the rain at Chill On The Hill.....rain felt nice & cool on the hot summer day!
O Gil é um bocadinho maluco.

Abril 2014, na Baixa.
David Guetta show, january 9th, 2014
Last day of summer term, second year, after the su
'Waltz' with Meredith in Karen's garden when the rain came at the BBQ 27/7/13
Done: Mundoo (the chicken dance counts as a dance), done in the rain
Hard to see but I am absolutely soaked freezing but so very very happy. There is something so liberating about being out in the rain. It's my favorite thing in the world.
done: jamie 12.1.13 while walking the dogs (on the field...I guess the farmer was wondering what I did...but Rusty liked it and joined)
Sprung festival November 10 2012. Outside stage for Split Syndicate, dancing in the rain during their set.
Yet another grand opportunity as I was stuck at the south end of Veteran's Park as it unexpectedly starting to pour (and later pea size hail!). Instead of dancing, however, I had to book it back to my place so as not to get my library books and new phone ruined - I think everything survived though the books are still drying! In any case, it was fairly exhilarating and reminds me of why I love to play in the rain!
In India in the pouring rain. I came back into the house completely soaked. It was wonderful.
danced with trish in rain coming home!
Had another almost experience at Bastille Days this last weekend. It was raining and there was music outside of the bar BUT I was wearing a light colored dress...dancing in the rain would not have ended well.
1st Street Dance

MSA June 2012
It was fun to do!
I danced like a fool, walking around SFU in the rain on the very last Wacky Wednesday on April 11, 2012.
take a picture, make a short movie?
TIP 2010
BUT does that count, since I started this after that?
Had a very memorable dance in the rain last spring with a group of friends :)
Probably will be salsa.
Does tap dancing on a wet street count? xD joke.
In France with two of my best friends :)
Samen met Jeroen en Mannes in Lerzy :)
Anti-climatic. Perhaps I'll try again and aim for a monsoon.
Nazaré 01.01.2012 :D
Almost got hit by lightning though, ^^
COMPLETED on Friday, August 12, 2011 at around 4:45pm.

I was on my computer, glanced out the window and saw it was raining. So I went outside and danced in the rain, splashed in the puddles and had a jolly good time. :D
with my sister in a Barnes & Noble parking lot
In Michel's garden!
july 5th 2011. :o) so awesome.
Done at my party.
26/5/2010: Double free (physics) with Sam, Ellen and Francesca. All of a sudden it starts pouring down with rain: LET'S DO IT! so we run outside and dance in the rain until we're soaking wet and cold and Lewis calls us retards hahaha. Good times.
2nd June 2010 - Danced like a maniac on the terrace. I might fall ill but heck!
At a football game with the cheerleaders
Walked back from Rock the Green in the rain. Probably would have danced if my legs weren’t so sore from the warrior dash. (9/18/11)
Almost got hit by lightning though, ^^
completed 8-7-2011
done after opera and great evening! :)
I will do it more often :)