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Sleep under the stars
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Love It!
On 9,324 lists and 2,147 people have done it.
Camping with the Cub Scouts. That was a rough night on my back.
Did it 30 years ago, but want to do it again some time.
We even saw mars, Saturn and Jupiter
Dry Tortugas. No light pollution. Was in a tent but screen was wide open. So many stars....
Complete summer 2017 and legit just sleep under the stars
When I was little i used to go on my cousins trampoline and look at the stars and fall asleep.
January 2016. Cuenca, Spain
Camping at Sally's Place!
Completed when we went up North!
Been there, done that. It was freezing cold. We were in the middle of the Kalahari desert and at one point I woke up and saw a bushman standing nearby. They were very nice people but there in the dark, I was so terrified, I could barely go back to sleep.
On the boat at Lake Powell 2015!
Tolmin, 19.07.2015 - 25.07.2015
Not just under the stars, but also off the edge of a cliff. Flippin' cold in the middle of the night, even with lots of layers.
Done on ANZAC camp
Yeah! All of the stars ma meyn~XD :D >///< *freeze*
It's freezing, I swear :3
With Ilya; beluga point
Rocking The Daisies 2014
I slept under the stars multiple times on my sailing trip of the Turkish coast with my family and Philip's family.
During the second year picknick of the HRM students, very rainy
It was Amazing experience <3
4-13-13 at Bohnam State Park in a hamock with Taylor and her friend Anna.
Best thing that I experienced during my family's summer camp. The sight of the sun rising perfected the moment! :)
@ Stella de mare with school friends in november 2007
when I chose this one I first thought it said 'Sleep under the Stairs'. I figured it sounded pretty easy and if it's good enough for Harry Potter it's good enough for me
In my repaired tent at Holter in 2012

28th August 2012 - Bunol, slept on a castle wall under the starts
Ainda havia 3 ou 4 estrelas quando me deitei! ahahah

Done with the posse at Sand Hollow in Utah. Beginning of June...junior year of college.
Fell asleep watching falling starts on August's meteor shower.
With Kassy & Shane at Falls Lake- Memorial Day Weekend 2012.
Slept under the stars in Greg's backyard on the evening of May 16, 2012.
Whilst Climbing Kilimanjaro
During Alternative Spring Break!
It's romantic. That's why I want to do it. And it's nice to look the stars, it's peaceful.
do it when you visit a village.
I don't think sleeping under my laser stars projector every night quite counts?
I don't know about this one....
10.-11.8.2009 - one of the most beautiful nights of my life
Noite de vigília JMJ 2011- Madrid
Slept outside under the stars on my trip to the lava tubes. It was freezing and I got eaten up quite a bit by bugs, but it was amazing!!! - July 29-30, 2011
Camping in Mt. Nebo National Forest with Chelsea! Forgot the tent poles...had to sleep out under the stars next to the fire!
Night of July 3rd 2011 at Rock Werchter Festival. x3
Running of the grunions '10!
Completed on 04/08/2010
Camping in Lincoln City: June 2010.
Beach- North Shore-Haleiwa Hawaii
June 4 - Slept under the stars at Whiting park!