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Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
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On 8,910 lists and 1,814 people have done it.
Every day from the terrace of my house. Well, only the sunset to be precise.
I feel the need to add something like "from outdoors" to this goal, as I can easily see both the sunrise and the sunset from different windows in my house. Hopefully I will get to do this several times on my planned through hikes.
July 23 pm - 24 am
South Padre Island- March 2021 - 4 days in a row
@Kurhaus Scheveningen
From the beginning of February until Daylight Savings Time started, my shift in a different department of my work had me driving to work while the sun rose and driving home as the sun set.
Last light of the evening in Tarpon Springs Florida.
First light of the day at North Shore Park in St. Petersburg Florida.
Sunset over Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Sunrise over Mt Kenya
Watched sunset first on 7/29, then sunrise solo on 7/30 after a night of partying in Eclectic, AL at Patrick's family cabin.
C. O. F. F. E. E.

That's all I have to say.
11/13/17 water polo
Done at the Grand Canyon!
I didn't realize I do this often....watch it rise on my way to work, watch it set on the way home.
This is the sunrise out of my bedroom window. It was a grey start to the day.
On Camber Sands with Martyn, Leah & Isobel
Sunset @ Bherwerre Beach
Sunrise @ Cave Beach
The sunset. All on South Beach in Miami.
The sunrise....
Done in australia with pam
Saturday August 15th Sunset ; Grand Falls - New Brunswick
Saturday August 15th Sunrise ; Bouctouche - New Brunswick
August 14, 2015 Sunrise
sunset in south africa
sunrise in south africa
13th, 15th, and 16th of July 2015. Sadly I don't have any photos of the sunrise and sunset from the same day but i dID SEE THEM BOTH ON ALL THOSE DAYS.
Emmys party + Raging Waves
Watched the sunrise at 4.50am and the sun set
Every day in winter. Come on, this is Yorkshire!
When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. for the sun in the morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.

-John Lennon
Easter Sunday - 5th April 2015 - Our contact group - Susie & David Abeyta along with Sarah & Jason Burgess met at 6:30am at the top of St James Hill by the prison to have bacon sandwiches and look out over Norwich. Great time of reflection. We then spent the day at Mum and Dads and on the way home saw the glorious sun setting. :-)
Petra sunrise, Dead Sea sunset - 03/12/2014
In Ibiza waiting for Jake and Paul to come home then in the evening with all kids :-)
Today I was up at 4.30am and out the house by 5am, which meant I enjoyed the beautiful wintry sunset this morning while I was out monitoring, then I left work in time to watch a stunning sunset, red, golds and burnt oranges, with radiation fog creeping up the fields beside the road. Stunning and very energising to experience.
September 6, 2014

Task#5. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.

This task was very difficult for me to complete. Natatakasan ako palagi ng sunset. Hahaha. And sometimes naman sunrise ang wala. But today I was able to watch on them both. As I was watching the sunrise and sunset, I remembered when I was still staying in Tarlac. Parang mas malapit ‘yung araw sa akin.

My daily routine there before was going out of the house every morning, sit in the terrace, and stare at the sun while trying to gain my consciousness. Same thing when sundown comes, maiipon kaming magkakapatid at magpipinsan sa daan habang tinitignan ang orange na kalangitan.

In doing this task, I can conclude that, if that is the subject matter (nature) mas okay pang nasa barrio ka kesa sa city. If you’re in the city, time flies so fast hanggat ‘di mo na napapansin mga maliliit na bagay.

Did in back to back days on the Mt. Rushmore motorcycle trip; August 2014
Saw the sun go up when I woke up at 5am yesterday because of a full bladder (went to bed again afterwards), watched the sun go down in the evening as well
Had to try this one several times but finally caught them both on the same day.
Erica taking a photo of the sunrise from our rented Prius on our way to Miami for Cayamo. We saw the sunset that evening in Miami as we were trying to find liquor and Chipotle.
2/1/2014 late sunset
2/1/2014 early sunset where you can still see the pool
2/1/2014 sunrise panorama
I actually watched 3 sunsets in a row and 2 sunrises in Maui...

Sunset 1/30/2014: during Willie K concert

Sunrise 1/31/2014: during jog around Makena

Sunset 1/31/2014: from lawn above beach at Makena Resort

Sunrise 2/1/2014: from Haleakala, driving up to 10,000 feet

Sunset 2/1/2014: from hotel room balcony (it was raining)

Saw an amazing sunrise and equally amazing sunset on December 21st, 2013. ^^
Super sweet 18 of Steff, with Serban
Done in Maui - Hawaii. Sunrise at Haleakala (rode back down!). sunset on beach at Maui! Very memorable day with my husband...
I was thrilled to check this one off during my final day of hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu!

Link: http://www.tootimidandsqueamish.com/2013/08/hiking-the-inca-trail-day-4-race-to-the-sun-gate-and-machu-picchu/
Glastonbury 2013
July 20, 2013- watched the sunrise and sunset with Andrew in Door County. Sunrise was in baileys harbor at 5:20am. Sunset was 8:30pm in Sturgeon Bay
Trip to Calgary for a Lacross game in one day. Sunrise and sunset same car same day.
Sunrise (top) and sunset (bottom) on February 9, 2013
In Hawaii with Kyle. We watched the sunset while swimming in the ocean and watching a humpback breaching over and over
Semi-snuck out the house at 5AM in the 12th of November 2012 to go watch the sunrise with Tony, Anan and Peter. It was so fun!!! Even though all we did was watch it and take photos. It was a good experience hahaha I was running and dying because the sun was rising so fast behind me. Peter picked me up when I was almost there. I didn't know it was him driving cause I'm so blind.

That evening mum taught me how to make an omelette. Then I went outside for a bit to see the sun setting.
I've done it . August 26th , at the best party ever :)