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Find a new hobby
The most popular hobby on Day Zero is reading, but the ideas are limitless! Fishing, Hiking, Dancing, Cooking, Boating, Gardening, Cycling, Bowling, Writing, Running, Sewing, Camping, Snorkelling, Drawing, Home-brewing, Surfing...
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Love It!
On 1,626 lists and 315 people have done it.
I hadn't expected book blogging to become as much of a hobby for me as it is now, but I tried it and I actually really love it!
Bycie człowiekiem koncertem to jest na pewno hobby
This would have to be geocaching!


Rowing course signed up for commencing 30/04/16

I am pretty excited about my new hockey addiction and yeah... this is what i am doing during the nights
Origami! Hobby started on 11/6/14
13/08/14 First time I baked a bread!

14/08/14 Second time I baked a bread (same recipe, but I added some thyme)
09/08/14 Made small apple crumble pies with Rosanne!
05/08/14 Made chocolat muffins with Kelly!
27/07/14 Today I made some apple/cinnamon muffins :3
20/07/14 I always liked cooking/baking but now I got more time I really start to enjoy it. Today I made those cheese straws. It was really easy and they taste great!
Penpalling and Postcrossing!
March 2014 - I'm a proud geocacher for 1 year now. I also regularly play table soccer with friends (if it can be considered an hobby)
I'm in the process of looking for a new hobby, it's between:

♥ Something creative like paper crafting [quilling, ribbong making, latch hook] so I can keep my hand busy.

♥ Photography as I used to enjoy this and got an A level. But because of my anxiety, I may find it difficult to go out and do it.

♥ Something totally new and different (to me), the ideas were: bouldering [need money first though], join a walking group [this is free] or making edidible art.
Latte art (I only get to do this while working but I count it as a hobby)
Creating wall art; crafting.
Cross-stitch AND

Running :)
Started playing Magic: The Gathering with Don (May 2012)
I have definitely taken on running as a new hobby, and try to attend the Parkrun at willed as often as possible.
Kayaking, but willing to try something else.
I'm pretty sure fencing, geocaching, blogging, and more:]
started to draw
Blogging www.diesunddas33.blogspot.com
stamps! :) i've decided to start keeping all the stamps i get in a small photo album...
SEWING! I'll be starting classes soon and will update accordingly!
Writing in my diary, definitely.
Baile - Danza Moderna - Bellas Artes
Tying Flies for Fly Fishing
Hanjie - Meg says it counts!