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DONE! I wish I had done this on my birthday a month ago, but that's ok. At least I did it, and I plan to do something similar each year. I used FutureMe.org
Presley will be eighteen - write a letter about the good times and bad times that we have been through and what I think is going to happen over the next ten years. Read with Presley when she turns eighteen.
Wrote this letter on 9/10/2019 using the app incubate.
January 30, 2021

I wrote the letter yesterday, January 29, 2021, and will have it opened on year 2031. Will I be able to open it on that year? Who knows 🤷‍♀️
I used futureme and sent a letter 10 years into the future that will be delivered on 8th December 2029.
This was an easy one.
July 2019 is going to be a good time to do this goal because that'll be my ten year anniversary of living in San Francisco.
Writing a letter to myself to open in ten years was surprisingly eye opening. It made me feel like, when I open this letter again, I don't want to let myself down. There are now expectations of what my life will look like in ten years and how I hope I come across to myself when I look back on where I am now. Very profound.
On 26th May 2019
Going to run it through a spell check and print it out. It's in your Google Docs
That letter is in box from my friend (adela) in pink envelope... I'll open it in 2026
To be delivered Jan 29, 2026
It is an odd feeling writing a letter to my future self. Ten years seems like such a very long time from now, and yet I know in many ways it will seem to rush by like the leaves on the wind outside my windows. After I finish I will seal it up, and place it in the fireproof box beneath my bed waiting for November 6, 2025.
I achieved writing this letter to myself it wasn't easy but I am sure that once the ten years pass i will laugh at myself about it
Ana has the letter...
Письмо написано, возможно белиберда, и через 10 лет я буду жалеть, что написала так мало, а могла бы написать в 2 раза больше. Но сложно писать что-либо себе через 10 лет, кроме как ожиданий :)
Done 12/11/14 - can't wait to open it in 10 years
Done 12/11/14 - can't wait to open it in 10 years
‎Friday, ‎August ‎09, ‎2014

Task #3. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.

Dear TIN,

Hi! How are you? You almost spent 3 months in your 4th year in school but seems like you don't feel like going everyday. What's wrong?

Where is the Tin who always feel excited of what will happen on a specific day? The one who always prioritize what must be taken first? The one who is positive thinker whenever there are lots of works to do? The one who still enjoys what she's doing even if she's already tired? Where was she?

Look Tin, we all get tired, we lose hope. We sometimes get disappointed because we failed to achieve our goals. But that doesn't mean that you will stop. Remember your favorite encouragement for yourself? "Go out of your comfort zone and improve yourself".

You've come so far. Continue the race or else you will be a loser. "You always say to yourself that life is like a car race and you must win".

Many people believe in you. They cheer you up because they know you can. Make them your inspiration. Always remember your dreams (help my parents, send my sisters to school, reach other places, be a successful woman).

You have to make every move meaningful. Just believe in yourself that you can do it. Never mind those who tries to put you down. Pray hard. Always remember when you feel that the earth has turned its back against you HE is still there. Always guiding you wherever you may go.

Your twin,

The letter will arrive in exactly 10 years after you wrote it. You will receive it in your email.
The letter will arrive in exactly 10 years after you wrote it. You will receive it in your email.
Yay! See you on July 13th 2024 :) shine on
It would be my letter in English(I am Ukrainian)
Printed and sealed a put with my will (safe place). And deleted from computer so no peaking.
I just finished writing a letter to myself. A letter I won`t open untill 2024. I wrote down how I feel, what I think often think about at the moment, what my plans are for the near future, ... It was a great process to write this letter.
Bréf skrifað 23. febrúar 2014 - opnist 23. febrúar 2024 ;)
2/21/14-DONE! Boom. In the filing cabinet, at the very beginning. Open 2/21/24.
Wrote a letter to myself. It felt rather awkward, to be honest XD. I asked myself many questions and I found out I'm super interested at the end of Attack on Titan lol. I wonder what I will think about myself in 10 years... mhmh.. Mal sehen.
To Be Opened: Jan 1, 2024
Written May 3rd 2002. Opened it 2012, and it was weird to read the thoughts of a 13 year old kid that once was me.
written in 2008 by 12 year-old me, curiously opened in March while moving house but I've forgotten by now what it contains. :O
I did this in 2002.
Changing it to making a Smash Book to open in 10 years
I just put it away so far, that I dont have any clue were to search anymre XD
Do Not Open Until 10/24/22!!!
Just finished writing this letter to be opened on march 13th 2023. I`m going to keep it inside the Submarine ( Joe Duthorne ) book while here in Panama, and the then take it with me to France.
Dont know what I was suppose to write in this letter but I wrote it. 3/9/13
to be done by may 19 2013
Been writing myself notes and letters here and there, trying to get more regular. But I have this container where I've been putting good stuff into it (it's actually a mini gumball machine but yeah). Mostly the stuff I've put into it is my working out - the time I start, the routine, and the end and of course when.
it's on my macbook named: 9 augustus 2017
I goal achieved !! Letter to be opened after 10 years !!!
Completed: 01/1/2013. I wrote myself a litter to be opened on 1/1/2023 and placed it in the safe!
Just wrote my first letter to myself.

The letters will be opened 1st January 2023, if possible 8:59PM.

Laters, self.
Just wrote my first letter to myself.

The letters will be opened 1st January 2023, if possible 8:59PM.

Laters, self.
I think I'll write several letters to myself throughout the ten years. The date of the first letter I write will be the starting point. Ten years from that date, I will open the letters.
11/8/12 - One copy sent to futureme.org, and one print copy sealed in an envelope to be put in the fire safe.
9/5/12 - Prefer hand-written, but perhaps will duplicate to futureme.org.
Began: 08/23/12

I'll finish tomorrow and seal it.

Done!!! To be opened on 8/23/22
It'll be ready to open on July 29, 2022!
I actually finally finished my letter! Will open it 24 July 2022!!
So I ended up writing what I'm going to call an outline yesterday evening although I'm going to have a lot more things to add on to it. I think it will be really cool to read in 10 years.
have to include : the long term goals that I want to achieve in 10 years. dateline : term 2.
things to talk about: the Clan, how it has changed and grown, how it might continue to do so. Rogirek. Travis. Sareah. Ryou and Renji. Ryu. Hopes. Plans. Love. Sex. Fears--not things like knives, things like where am I going and where is everybody else going and will we manage to keep in touch. To remind myself, set up an event in my google calendar.
Written: February 7, 2010.
Completed: March 28, 2010
Dear Future Nikki,
It will be interesting to see how things will have changed. It was curious even before...but now when I am almost adult and on the verge of graduating, in 10 years some more really major things are supposed to have happened...and it's curious how different they will be from how I have imagined it.