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Write my dreams down every morning for a year
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Love It!
On 142 lists and 11 people have done it.
This has really become a well anchored habit. It's not every morning that I recall my dreams, but every morning I reflect on the quality of my sleep, what thoughts I had before falling asleep, the mood I was when I woke up. It has been steadily part of my journaling routine for months now. 
I am doing good at this for a while, now. It's almost a perfect 7/7 habit. I really hope to stick to it firmly.
This is going so well!!! Actually, this morning was the first I could perfectly recall a dream. Of course, somedays, it's pretty vague, but it's okay.
I have some really bizarre dreams but my the time I'm fully awake I often remember little of it or nothing. Some mornings I sit in bed for ages, trying to remember what left me with such a distinct unsettled feeling. Other times I have such amazing dreams that feel like I'm watching a movie... but I remember so little of it it makes me sad that I "missed" all the action. So I'm gonna try to write them down. Who knows, I could write a book that makes me rich based on one of them
I'm starting this today!
*Every morning that I have dreamt that night