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Make a list of the simple things that make me happy
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1/ Making Lists .. :-)

2/ Little Achievements.

3/ Purring Kitties.

4/ A Walk On A Spring Like Day.

5/ Flowers Blooming and Birds Tweeting.

6/ A Relaxing Cup Of Coffee.

7/ Singing Along To A Favourite Song.

8/ Dancing Around The Living Room.

9/ Cosy Inside Listening To The Rain On My Windows.

10/ Curling Up In Front Of A Light Hearted Movie.

11/ Good News Through The Post.

12/ Quality Time Spent With Family And Friends.

13/ A Clean Home.

14/ Fresh Linen.

15/ Carefree Days.

I'm sure there is more but I think 15 is a good number of the simple things which make me happy!

- Children

- Animals

- Singing

- Music

- Christmas

- Fireplaces

- Snow

- Swimming

- Stars

- Dawn

- Sunset

- The smell of rain and freshly mowed lawn

- Books
Having a conversation with someone and having a connection

Stepping outside for fresh air



A stressful situation or event turning out well

Eating a good meal

Seeing a good performance

Accomplishing a goal

Loving a song you just heard

Playing board games and card games (and winning ;)

The things that make me happy:

- The smell of books and rain

- Cuddling with (my) cats

- Hearing my favorite song on the radio

- Sunday-evenings with Raymondo

- Seeing my parents laughing/happy

- Gossiping with my sister

- Getting postcards from friends

- Christmas

- Spending time with my friends

- Having a drink with my brother

- Tea

- Having a day-out with my uncle and aunt

- Harry Potter

- Books

- The ocean

- Getting into bed with freshly washed sheets

- Make people smile

- A good meal

- Baking and cooking

- Making someone happy I care for

- Spending time with my parents

- Coming home in a clean house

- Freshly baked bread

- Giving my students good grades

- Getting good grades


- Football

- Hot chocolate after a long, cold walk

1. My daughter's giggles, hugs & warmth

2. Getting along with him...receiving nice texts

3. When someone shows me they truly care for me.

4. Music

5. Good books & blogs etc

6. The sunshine on my face

7. Gentle warm sea breezes

8. Cherry blossom trees

9. to be reconciled

10. A clean house

11. Being able to help someone that needs it

12. Good movies

13. Inner peace

14. A good night's sleep

15. Good morning and good night texts

16. Making someone else happy
Singing harmonies to my favourite songs while biking along the canal.

Having Piper sit on my bed while I watch movies.

Staying up late talking to Natalie.

Phone catch ups with my little brother.

Making a sweet new playlist.

Bike rides with my dad.

The hilarious smile my god son gives when he sees me catching him doing something he's not supposed to do.

The way Allison and Dylan yell "My turn, Thomas, my turn!"

My mom's on-the-phone-with-her-friends laugh (only my brothers can know and replicate this sound).

Open mic nights, karaoke, balcony hangs, and park sits with Timbo.

Bike rides with my dad.


Brain melting first kisses.

Text messages from Jess.

Sitting around talking with Jocelyn while the kids run around being crazy.

Holding my Nonno and Nonna's hands when we have nothing else to talk about.

Texts from my older brother that are just Foo Fighters lyrics.

Dancing at Zaphods when a song we all love comes on.

Patterson's excitement about everyone else's lives.

Sitting around with any combination of Frankie, Timbo, Jonben, Niebergall and Robbo.

Having Emily perfectly analyze behaviour patterns that I don't recognize in myself.

Fresh haircuts.

Freshly shaved legs.

Natalie's banana bread.

370 parties.

Sitting on the front steps of the apartment building.

Sitting on the balcony after last call and watching the madness.

Getting drunk on the balcony with Natalie and Timbo, singing songs, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's.

El Camino tacos.

Biking to Clocktower on a weekend night just to say hi.

The bartender at Zaphods greeting us with "Hey! Gin and tonics?"

Emails from Corey.

Improvising with my improv crushes.

Seeing Crush Improv shows (Bout Time especially).

Opening shifts with Liz.

Catchup dates with Pearson.

Singing Swell Season songs with Patrick.

Sleeping at mom and dad's house when Timothy's home.

Nights out and in with my best friends and brothers all hanging together.

Hanging out with Meghan.

Car rides with Timothy.

Watching A Muppet Family Christmas on Christmas Eve with my family.

Those cookies my Nonna bakes (I never remember what they're called).

Reunion nights with Elise, Sam, Phil and Will (or any combination of the four).

Catch up dates with Joe (and text messages from Joe, and phone calls from Joe).

Writing in my journal.

Reading my old journey and OD entries.

Love notes from Natalie.

Writing cards for people I love.

Running into friends on my street.

Iced coffee.

Home cooked meals.


A new tube of mascara.

Perfectly applied liquid eyeliner.

The smell of sunscreen.

Men's deodorant.

Freshly painted toenails.

Seeing my favourite bands live.

Making mix cds for people.

Getting mix cds from people.


Kitchen dance parties.

Caroline or Kaitlin curling my hair (back in the hair days).

Turning the radio on to a song I love.

Dave's ridiculous laugh.

Emiy's tweets.

A well deployed floor.

Expediting during the morning rush.

Playing on bar.

Smoke chats with Carol.

Timothy making devices from various household items.

Working when someone else is in charge.

Creeping on the people across the street.

Running into Annie when she's walking Tawny.

Neighbourly waves with the Swindlehursts.

Running into Rick and Nancy in my parents' neighbourhood.

The LOTR soundtracks.

Laughing about weird stuff Jen and I used to do.

Currie/Gibney/Bettino/Anderson nights.

My four minute bike commute.

Mom's homemade macaroni and cheese.

Dad's weird salads.

Playing Bid with my parents and brothers (preferably when I come in first).

LOTR Trivial Pursuit.

Getting a laugh from the audience.

Singing at my friends' weddings.

Kaitlin hangs.

Picking up stuff from other Starbucks stores and seeing my neighbour friends.

Work phone calls from Shawn and Caroline.

Helping someone find their perfect Starbucks drink.

Remembering a customer's name and drink for the first time.

Seeing tiny puppy dogs on the street.

Cuddling tiny kittens.

Watching people play hockey on the rink near our apartment in the winter.

Winter walks when I'm bundled up.

Biking down fun hills.

All Dressed chips.

Writing and receiving Green Apron cards.

Running into regular customers I haven't seen in a long time.

DSVs with Pat.

Texting Shawn and Eric during conference calls.

Biking by my first apartment.

The way Jonben calls me "Mooriss."

Drunk harmonizing to The Stills with Timbo.

Lukas hugs.

Train rides.

Getting on the bus to find the Presto reader isn't working.

Sunglasses that don't look silly on my face.

Waking up and not having to put in contact lenses.

Summer dress weather.

Leather jacket and boot weather.

Biking home from the bar.

Listening to my old birthday mixes.

Paying off my credit card.

Average ticket growth.

Finding Fight Club on tv.

Rewatching and rewatching High Fidelity.

Retweets of tweets born of sleepless mania.

Going to bed after the sun comes up with no alarm set.


Mom's white chocolate cheesecake.

Accomplishing a goal.

Finishing a To Do list.

Clean sheets.

Rainy days with a glorious book.

Harmonizing with Lukas.

Friends who call me Marmar.

Attractive people on bicycles.

Nice customers.

Going to the movies by myself.
Just some of the things I can think of right now:

My cats

Mornings I can spend drinking coffee and surfing the internet


My fiance

Christmas time

Warm wool socks

Board games


Writing journal

Thinking about the connectedness of the world

Gingerbread and glögi

1. Spooning with my man

2, Morning coffee

3, Every other coffee during the day

4, Reading my favorite blogs

5, Mulled wine with cinnamon on cold winter days

6. Watching movies with my man

7, Reading books

8. Buying books

9. Spending Christmas with my whole family at grandparents

10. Photographing everything

11, Spend alone afternoon at home in pajamas

12, Making surprises for my favorite people

13. Buying cheap jewlery on sales

14. Keep a diary on my phone

15. Make people smile

16. Come home on Sunday

17. Going for a walk on a sunny day

18. Helping someone

19. Doing crosswords and sudoku, and finishing it down!

20. Have lunch at restoraunt

21, First snow

22. The smell of baby

23, Baby animals

24. My friends

25. New Year's decoration on the city streets

26. To see a falling star

27. To see rainbow

28. SMS from my love

29. Glitter

30. Doing my exercises right and correct and with enthusiasm

31. Watching "Sex and the city" for the 50th time

32. Night out with girls

33. Fire on cold days

34, Cold water on hot days

35. Pink nailpolish


-Back hometown

-Meet objectives

-Buy a book with a marker

-Buy pants with belt


-Throwing rocks to water

upd 08/20/12:

удачные самостоятельные покупки, советы, ммски, заезжают за мной, макияж, музыка, work out, ехать не одной в такси, мед, душистый чай, staring at AL pics, watching BB talk, играть в дурака, настольные игры, Диксит, Рафаэлло, творожный пирог, копченая скумбрия, сидеть на лавочке возле 41 дома одной, осенняя погода, рано встать, морозный воздух, красивые ногти, настроенная гитара, сигареты из чужих рук, когда кормят с ложки, когда поднимают на руки, когда танцуют с тобой под секси хит)) когда укрывают, когда говорят, что я красивая и классная, и вообще когда хвалят, получать приглашения, его смски по утрам и на ночь, случайные и не очень комплименты, взгляд с головы до ног, близко стоять, обниматься, смотреть на худые ноги, волосы ветром, теплый ветер, потягушки, планы, фотать, encouragement, когда мама готовит, вспоминать нежные случаи, про него говорят, песни под гитару (Смотри), как мальчики готовят, лежать на Оле, растекаться по камню, 2е дыхание в горах, Аселина стрижка, быть веселой дома, загар, ехать
The simple things that make me happy.
- a baby/little child smiling or laughing at me
- beautiful postcards in my mailbox
- making someone happy with a sent postcard
- reading a good book
- laughing with friends
- yummy chocolate
- getting positive feedback at work
- receiving a nice letter from a penfriend
- sunshine on a winter day
- watching Mamma Mia (the movie)
- spending time with people I like
- Postcrossing meetings
- spamming at the Alien talk, having fun chatting there and annoying Foxy ;)
- planning trips (even those that are just ideas and won’t be realised in the end)
- Bayer 04 Leverkusen winning a match
- receiving a card showing a UNESCO site new to my collection
- seeing a baby or little child laughing like mad about ordinary things (like sneezing)
- watching an interesting documentary about foreign countries, nature, animals etc.
- reaching another step when learning a new language
Playing with the dog
Reading a good book
Hot Chocolate