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91-100 buying silver, dinners out with my babe, hot tub under the stars, going camping, alone time, vacations with Erick, doing things spur of the moment, breakfasts out, getting a massage, hearing laughter
81-90 slow mornings, spending a day in pajamas, snow days, the first signs of spring, flowering trees, playing games with family, sipping a good mocha, baby bunnies, beautiful old china, using beautiful old kitchen and dinner items
71-80 new pajamas, clean sheets, peonies, cut flowers in a beautiful vase, eating on a patio, concerts, my organized closet, going on morning walks, summer vacation, Christmas morning, the smell of cinnamon
61-70 Rustling leaves, first snowfall, puppies, listening to music, Beatrice Potter, glistening lakes, watching boats on the water, canoeing, cool summer nights, sitting on a large front porch
51-60 birds singing in the morning, alone time in the morning, bed and breakfasts, soup in the winter, playing fetch with the dog, concerts, watching musicals or plays, stained glass windows,
41-50 snuggling with my babe, finding a treasure while thrifting, going to antique stores, spending time with family, baking bread, relaxing at the top of a mountain,looking through old family photos, eating home cooked meals from my childhood, country music, landscape paintings
31-40 secret hiding places, walking in a Victorian town, returning to Colorado from a trip, soft socks , homemade lasagne, Seeing animals in the wild, hearing the sound of the ocean, smelling the salt water at the beach, watching dolphins, eating seafood at the beach
21-30 Listening to Erick's giggle, campfires,visiting old houses, Savannah, horse drawn carriage rides, bed and breakfasts in antique homes, seeing my family succeed, the color green, having house plants, sitting with a good cup of coffee on the porch
11-20 hiking,learning something new, line dancing harder dances, traveling, the smell is old houses, architectural interest in the home, vintage items in the home, small unique antique items, roses, good smelling candles
1-10 my dog greeting me, helping the kids meet their Map goals,the smell is pine trees, watching things I plant grow, eating what I grow in the garden, seeing the colors of a sunrise, hugging my husband,finishing a project at the house,watching funny dog videos, and driving in the mountains
031. the fragrance of fruit-scented wax melts
032. going for a walk around the neighborhood on a cool day
033. watching "Godzilla" movies
034. listening to Skinny Puppy
035. a good quality gel cream
026. Cherry almond body lotion by Jergen's
027. Cherry and chia milk body wash by Dove
028. Poppy body spray by Bath and Body Works
029. Joking around with Mom
030. Petting my cat
021. The smell of the air during and after rain
022. Calm app
023. Finch app
024. Apple music app
025. Stretching first thing in the morning
016. Reading a good book
017. Spending time with my cat
018. Watching "The Americans"
019. Bundling up in a blanket in the middle of winter
020. Meditation
011. "I Will Find You" by Clannad
012. Homemade garlic pizza
013. Diet Coke
014. Naps
015. Meditation
006. Listening to birds singing in the morning
007. Feeling validated after a counseling appointment
008. Looking up Baby Yoda memes
009. Wearing loose, comfortable clothes after a shower
010. Spending time alone
001. Getting up early on rainy mornings and sitting in the quiet
002. Having hot coffee on the back porch on a cold fall day
003. Listening to the sound of the wind late at night
004. Warm showers in the middle of winter
005. Smell of coffee in the morning
1. my kiddo
2. my doggie
3. sunny days
4. swimming
5. drawing
6. the feeling of accomplishment after i finish a goal
7. making plans -- and doing them :).
8. going to Disney with or without the kiddo
9. walks
10. learning something new.
1. A yummy cup of hot coffee
2. Daughters smile
3. Libraries
4. Feeling strong
5. Feeling centered after a yoga class
6. Travelling somewhere new
7. Having a flexible schedule
8. Nice shower after a long day
9. Cozy blankets
10. The perfect temperature day - 25C, sunny, nice breeze
11. Beautiful falling snow
12. Christmas fairy twinkly lights
13. Peppermint chocolate treats
14. A good romantic comedy movie
15. Reading a good book
16. Learning something new
17. Organizing information
18. Great conversation with a good friend
19. Live musical performance
20. Fun launch roller coaster
21. Day hike with my family
22. Seeing my daughter achieve something new after trying really hard
23. Discovering a new favourite food or drink recipe
24. Otters
25. Christmas
26. Swimming
27. The first warm day in spring after a cold winter
28. Pedicures
29. Massages
30. Feeling accomplished at the end of the day
31. Seeing my mom for first time in a long time
32. Getting out of the city after a while
33. Toes in the sand, under a beach umbrella, on a sunny day
34. Sitting by a campfire or cozy fireplace
35. Unexpected thank you / feeling appreciated
36. Knowing that I positively contributed to a group project
37. Playing with kittens or puppies
38. Peaceful walk by myself
39. Beautiful colourful art
40. The feeling of anticipation sitting at an airport gate
41. Planning a trip
42. Hugs and snuggles
43. Going to sleep with a clean and organized home
44. Crawling into fresh, warm, clean sheets
45. Receiving beautiful flowers or purchasing them for myself
46. Seeing a great deal on something I was planning to buy
47. Finding a new and useful home item, especially in the kitchen
48. Finally being able to push past the fear or procrastination
49. Fabulous new footwear that doesn’t hurt my feet to break in
50. Finding new clothes that fits me well and in a good colour for me
51. Having the house to myself
52. A yummy hot cup of tea on a rainy afternoon
53. Crossing a difficult thing off my to do list
54. Discovering my genealogy
55. Finding money in unexpected places
56. My daughter feeling proud of me for something
57. Singing or dancing like no one is watching to a great song
58. The moment I log off work before an extended break
59. Long weekends
60. Waking up before the alarm feeling fully refreshed
61. Getting a great seat on busy public transit
62. Decompressing with a book or podcast before or after work
63. Reconnecting with a friend without any awkwardness
64. Wandering around a bookstore I do not frequent often
65. Painting a picture
66. When someone remembers my birthday
67. A work day where focus comes naturally
68. Finding a sought after or unexpected you tube video
69. Finding unexpected connectedness in the human spirit
70. An amazing smelling candle or scent
71. A new fresh haircut
72. Breakfast or brunch at a good restaurant
73. Having my make up professionally done well
74. The sun not setting until at least 8pm
75. Blowing bubbles with my daughter
76. Discovering somewhere new; a first great look around the corner
77. Kisses on my neck
78. Looking back at great photos
79. Being satisfied with a craft or other project I worked hard on
80. Lying down, looking at a sky full of stars (or northern lights)
81. Summer BBQ’s with a fun group of people
82. Feeling understood
83. Epiphanies
84. Seeing people be nice to strangers
85. A yummy glass of wine that doesn’t give me heartburn
86. First morning you wake up feeling better after a cold / flu
87. Compliments about my parenting
88. Knowing I can take care of myself and my daughter
89. Ordering room service for breakfast
90. Feeling confident in finding the perfect gift for someone
91. Online shopping
92. Discovering my next favourite skincare product
93. My blonde hair - pretty, hides greys, hard to see leg hair
94. My daughter loving something I love or used to love
95. Swanky hotel rooms
96. Looking out across a large body of water
97. My flexible work schedule
98. Seeing how my work makes a difference
99. Constantly working on my self growth
100. My family
1. Sunny days
2. Summer evenings
3. Camp fires
4. Cups of tea
5. Dogs
6. Rock music
7. Listening to the rain at night, when I'm cosy inside
8. Being warm
9. Blankets
10. Books
11. Castles/historic houses
12. Holidays/nights away
13. Wild flowers
14. Orchids/house plants
15. Sea
16. Sandy beaches
17. Rivers/streams/lakes
18. Axolotls/lizards
19. Pizza
20. Cake
21. Wearing skirts/dresses
22. Trees
23. Meadows
24. Stand up comedy/comedy shows
25. Feeling accomplished
26. Exercise
27. Lie ins
28. Spending time with people I love
29. Completing my to do list
30. Films/TV shows
31. Museums
32. Art galleries
33. Tea, or coffee and cake at a cafe
34. My nephews
35. Seeing live music/concerts
36. Singing along to songs in the car
37. My car
38. CD collection
39. Learning new things
40. Wearing earrings and bracelets
41. Hitting or exceeding daily step count
42. Kindness/empathy
43. People that believe there is more to life than materialistic goods/consumerism.
44. People who are kind to animals
45. Leisurely countryside walks, preferably with a dog
46. Quiet time
47. Nice country pubs
48. Space that is created after a decluttering session
49. My home
50. Fresh herbs from the garden
51. Divine smelling roses
52. Cool Water perfume
53. Giving items away, that I no longer need or use.
54. Rhubarb, or apple and blackberry crumble
55. Veggie sausage sandwiches
56. Picnics
57. Pegasuses/unicorns
58. Shamanic drumming classes
59. Meditation
60. Yoga
61. Italian food
62. Mexican food
63. Making a new recipe and it tasting good
64. Word search puzzles
65. Pub quizzes
66. Mahjong
67. Candlelit evenings
68. Going out to eat
69. Lighthouses
70. Painted toenails
71. Animal rescue centres
72. Having leftovers to eat, so a day off cooking
73. The fresh smell of laundry dried outside
74. Fizzy Vimto
75. Chips from the chip shop
76. Buffet food
77. Falling snow
78. Summer solstice
79. Looking at the moon
80. Cloud watching
81. Star gazing
82. Thunder storms
83. Cold drink on a hot day
84. Hot drink on a cold day
85. Spring time (seeing plants and trees reawaken after winter)
86. Feeling grateful
87. Feeling content
88. Feeling loved
89. Making lists
90. Seeing hot air balloons flying
91. Seeing classic cars
92. Cushions
93. Climbing into a freshly made bed
94. Coming home and relaxing after a busy day
95. Dragonflies
96. Birds
97. Alpacas
98. Framed photographs
99. Small carved wooden boxes
100. Morning mist

Done. It took me months to finalize it. I wrote some here and there during trips, work days, weekends, and I am really happy how it turned out. I surprised myself and for me it is also a very useful list.
16. Wine
17. Breezes
18. Snow falling
19. The smell of coffee
20. Baby kisses
1. Clean House
2. Healthy Food
3. Financial freedom
4. Helping Needy
5. Time with children
6. Nice dress
7. Helping Parents
8.wake up early and get morning time.
1. Lighting candles
2. Growing as a person
3. Experiencing new things
4. Nature
5. Unexpected chats
6. A good book
7. Animals
8. Feeling cosy
9. Good vegan food
10. Good music
1) Music
2) Reading
3) Writing
4) Evie
5) Alexis
6) Ryan
7) Adrienne
8) Making art
9) Video games
1) Music
2) Reading
3) Writing
4) Evie
5) Alexis
6) Ryan
7) Adrienne
8) Making art
9) Video games
11. Coffee
12. The smell of roses
13. The smell of gardenias
14. Pride and Prejudice
15. Forensics shows
6. Reading
7. Soft leggings
8. The giggles of my daughter
9. Azaleas
10. Breezes
1. Baby animals
2. Funny memes
3. My daughter's giggles
4. A good night's sleep
5. Good coffee
1. My daughter
2. Spending time with my friends and parents
3. My cat
4. When I have a good Day at work and all my duties are done
5. Listening to music that I enjoy
6. Discovering new things
7. Watching a good movie or series
8. The smell of lavender essential oil
9. Spending time by the water
10. Good food
11. Travelling
12. Going to sleep in freshly washed bedding
13. Spending time with my friends ' kids
14. New manicure
15. Receiving a compliment/ congratulations on my work
16. Helping others
17. Horseback riding
18. The colour Red
19. Chocolate ( dark or milk)
20. Christmas
21. My birthday
22. Reading a good Book
23. Flowers ( especially roses)
24. When someone calls/texts me unexpectedly
25. Warm cup of tea or hot chocolate
26. Wine or bubbles
27. Bubble tea
28. When I feel proud of anything related to C
29. When I feel beautiful and sexy
30. When I feel wanted
31. Deep and meaningful conversations that last hours
32. Organizing events or projects
33. Good sex
34. Singing my favourite songs
35. Take pictures
36. Doing scrapbooking
37. Play boardgames with friends
38. Warm weather
39. Thoughtful presents
40. Winning prizes
41. Getting invited somewhere
42. Getting a great massage
43. To accomplish a task or goal by myself
44. Watching vlogs on YouTube
45. When my ideas are being put under the spotlight at work
46. Listening to audiobooks
47. Attending adapted yoga
48. Biski
49. Receiving some mail or care packages
50. My daughter loving something I love or used to love
51. Lottery tickets
52. Colouring
53. Paintings by Guy Séguin
54. C's laugh
55. To wear matching colours
56. Sunset
57. Holding a baby in my arms
58. Ice cream or sorbet on a hot summer/spring day
59. When C comes up with a new craft/drawing from daycare
60. Lace
61. Lingerie
62. Doing mystery words
63. Playing Candy Crush
64. The smell of vanilla perfume for me
65. The smell of Axe products on men
66. Feeling included and when C is included.
67. Being asked for advices, opinions.
68. Unexpected cuddles and kisses from C
69. Scarfs
Started working on this list, it is fun and I feel good when I reflect about this and helps me to think about good/happy moments.
Im going to write down in a list. Then add it here.
1. My family
2. My pets
3. My work
4. When a student stops to visit/talk to me
5. When Ash is in a happy mood
6. Watching baking shows
7. Watching cookie decorating
8. Watching organization/cleaning videos
9. Reading
10. Playing games with my family
11. The beach
12. Coffee
13. My friends
14. Sitting on the patio during nice weather with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
15. Being a source of encouragement for someone
16. Christmas lights
17. People watching at a mall during Christmas time
18. Doctor Who
19. Learning something new and interesting
20. Completing tasks I set for myself
21. Hawaii
22. Watching a good show with my family
23. Calling Percy over when I get home from work for a snuggle
24. Creating something
25. Driving with the windows down and music up
26. Animals
27. Baking bread
28. Singing loudly to good songs while getting ready
29. Belly laughs with Ash
30. Hydrangeas
31. When it’s cold and rainy outside but I am snug inside
32. Foggy mornings
33. Good vegan food
34. Walking around NY
35. Going to a Broadway show
36. Scrolling through Pinterest
37. Watching Ash on stage
38. London
39. Travelling
40. Planning themed parties/dinners
41. Going through the "memory jar" on New Years Eve as well as the reminiscing when putting memories in the jar
86. A good morning text first thing in the morning
87. My version of coffee
88. Feeling included at work
89. Having clean laundry readily available
90. Clean glasses
91. Easy going mornings
92. A full tank of gas
93. A clean car
94. A cozy down or fuzzy blanket
95. Crafting
96. Red lipstick
97. Sharp pencils
98. Breadsticks from Olive Garden
99. Alexis’s little grin
100. When Alexis tries to take care of me
101. Feeling wanted
82. Good hair days
83. Foot rubs
84. Good smelling soap
85. Good water pressure
76. Seeing how Alexis is growing into her own little personality
77. Burger smith burgers
78. Good food and good conversation with someone new
79. Having an outfit that makes me feel like a sexy badass bitch
80. Down blankets
81. Unique earrings
75. Blue m&ms, yellow skittles, and lemon jolly ranchers
74. The toilet paper from John’s parents house. I really need to switch 😊
71. Getting a really good nugget of knowledge from someone. Something I can apply to my life.
72. Having a grown up skincare routine
73. Watch Alexis and John’s relationship develop
52. Tomatoes and okra in gumbo
53. Air conditioning after being out in the hot
54. Helping Alexis with her homework
55. My Harry Potter themed socks
56. Cuddling with Mikie after he’s been groomed
57. Clean rings
58. Sweet cream ice cream with cake in it
59. Self improvement books
60. Leadership books
61. Tony Robbins talks
62. Strawberry icees
63. The Mummy
64. Marvel movies
65. Red lipstick
66. Shrimp and grits
67. Swimming in the pool
68. A clean car
69. Oolong tea with honey
70. Freshly shaved and scrubbed legs.
My pets
My Family
A place to live
Getting my eyebrows done
Having a Pedicure
Visiting the Beach
Watching and listening to the sound of waves
Nice Weather
Tolerable heat
Finding my glasses
Having enough money to live on
Having a job I enjoy
Driving in my car
Country sounds
The smell after it rains
The sound of rain
The sound of Thunder and lightning
Having a good neighbour
3. Thunderstorms

We rarely get a really good thunderstorm in the UK, and last night we had a five hour long light show that brought me such joy! It started during daylight hours, but when the sun set in the late evening, wow, it was incredible!

I understand a lot of people are frightened or just don't like them (especially pet owners), but for me, they are awe inspiring. Seeing the flashes of light arc across the sky or down to the ground is thrilling, each time you are watching waiting, but yet taken by surprise each time as you just don't know what it's going to look like or where it's going to be.

I even love the crack or rumble of thunder, the sheer power of the lightning creating a shockwave that carries for miles. There's also that distinct smell in the air (which I Googled and is apparently a combination of ozone, peteichor and geosmin).

The rain is a lot heavier and sometimes brings hail, again, I love to hear it pounding the ground. Maybe I'm odd, but maybe there are others who love thunderstorms like I do. Having said all this I wouldn't like to be caught in one out at sea...
Lists definitely make me happy.

I think it started with me going through the Sears catalogue when I was little.

I noticed it again (as I look back on my life, I didn't realize this at the time) that I spent ALL day going through a list of grad schools.

I started to create a list of movies I watched in 2005, I think I started a list of books years before that, but for some reason, I don't love that as much as the movie list and don't care about it.

Then my LifeList on 43things, I started that one circa 2007 and kept it for 7 happy years.

Oh, then I have my quote lists that I started sometime when I was working on 34th Street at "G". Let's say I started that one first before the movie list in 2003 or 2003 maybe.

So these are the lists I'm keeping now, and make me happy.

❤Goal List
❤Movie/Drama List
❤Romance Novel Quote List
❤Several Novel Idea Lists ie Love Scene List

I LOVE Lists 💖
52. White teeth
53. A good pair of headphones
54. Bird chirping outside the window
55. Having my clothes all folded and where they belong
39. The Transformation Principle
40. Alfredo sauce (GOOD Alfredo sauce)
41. A nice new pen
43. Good handwriting days
44. That crooked little smile John does
45. Seeing myself grow
46. When Alexis tells me to have a good day
47. When Alexis asks me how my day was
48. Good smelling shampoo
49. Having everything marked off a to do list
50. Teaching Alexis something new
51. Freshly vacuumed and mopped floors
16. Getting my nails and feet done
17. Getting first place in 35 player battle
18. When my eyelashes look just right
19. Alexis’s laugh when she’s getting her feet done
20. Antique shopping
21. Smooth legs
22. Hot pink
23. Transformation principle at church
24. Red velvet cupcakes at little cakes
25. Being recognized for a job well done
26. John when he’s being witty
27. Wreaths on doors
28. When Alexis’s hair has no tangles
29. Having the whole bed to myself (sometimes) 😊
30. Helping someone
31. Good smelling perfume
32. Learning something new
33. Listening to Alexis snore
34. Thunderstorms while falling asleep
35. Pork chop day
36. Having lunch with Alexis at school
37. Nice pens
38. The clicky clacky noise of typing with nails
1. Reading
2. Cats
3. My Daughter
4. My Husband
5. Trees
6. Jesus
7. Painting
8. Miniatures
9. Walking
10. Planners
100 Things make me happy.

1. Morning walk with my kid (19.12.2010)
1. Animals
2. Music
3. Looking up at the moon and the stars
4. Amazing TV shows that I can rewatch (Lost, One Tree Hill)
5. Achievements big and small
6. Reading
7. Feel good movies
8. Keeping a journal
9. My hot water bottle
10. Chocolate cake
11. The smell of bathroom products
12. Organising
13. Pets
14. Chocolate
15. Harry Potter
16. Bargains
17. Tea
18. Ice cream
19. Autumn
20. Winter
21. Washing my hair
22. Baths
23. Showers
24. Cats protection
25. New vegan products
26. Keeping busy
27. Animal rights activists
28. Marapets
29. Food
30. Peace and quiet
31. Good vibes
32. Good people
33. Sunsets
34. The sky
35. Achievements
36. Finding something that was lost
37. Accomplishing my goals
38. Finishing what is left of the cake mixture
39. Nature
40. Making lists
41. Stella
42. Motivational quotes
43. Having finally accomplished something which I had been needing to do for a while
44. Autumn colours
45. Natural light
46. Rain
47. Lightning
48. When it snows
49. Self pampering
50. When an animal wants to sit with me
51. Cleaning
52. Caring for animals
53. The smell of baked goods
54. Baking
55. Cooking
56. Inspirational Youtuber's
57. Learning
58. Fresh air
59. Toby sharing part of his time with me
60. Tinkerbell choosing to stay in my room
61. The way cats smile when they sleep
62. Watching old Hollyoaks episodes
63. Watching fan made videos
64. Kizzy watching me do mundane things with so much love and awe
65. The smell of pastry
66. Pantomimes
67. YouTube
68. Portia Moore giving me something to look forward to
69. Childhood nostalgia
70. Finding new books that I love
71. People becoming vegan
72. Kind Marapets players
73. Toby
74. Tea and biscuits
75. Toby getting excited when he sees me
76. Sunshine
77. A clear night sky
78. Watching birds collect for their nests
79. Kizzy
80. Sweep
81. Sweep licking his lips
82. The amount of love that Kizz has to give
83. Earplugs
84. Sweep poking his head out of his bed and back in again
85. Remembering moments that make me laugh / smile
86. Good dreams
87. The sky before the sunset
88. My skin looking clearer
89. Reading before I go to sleep
90. Games having seasonal events
9. Snuggling on the couch and watching a movie.

10. A decently clean and organized home

11. Making a meal I am proud of

12. Worship songs at church

13. A good message at church

14. Getting lost in a book

15. Walks in Compton Park on nice days
8. Floating on the river
1. Pets

2. Kids

3. Punk music

4. Post hardcore music

5. Metal

6. Trees

7. Mushrooms

8. Garden

9. Cooking

10. Baking

11. Sunshine

12. Rivers

13. Oceans

14. Teas

15. Coffee

16. Smoothies

17. Candles

18. Warm blankets

19. Sweaters

20. Fall

21. Candy

22. Sweets

23. Hibachi

24. Italian

25. Sushi

26. Steak

27. Popcorn

28. Trying new foods

29. Travel

30. Concerts

31. Amusement parks

32. Swimming

33. Puzzle games

34. Strategy games

35. Farming games

36. Adventure games

37. Making others happy

38. Cuddling

39. Sex

40. Buying gifts

41. Exercise

42. Sleeping in

43. Naps

44. Drinks with friends

45. Games with friends

46. Fires

47. Anime

48. Receiving gifts

49. Receiving favors

50. Rain

51. Helping others

52. Learning something new

53. Halloween

54. Christmas

55. Checking a task off the list

56. Sleeping in freshly washed sheets

57. Singing in the car

58. Bubble baths/bath bombs

59. Face masks

60. Getting a massage

61. Aquariums

62. Ice cream

63. Watching birds

64. Pretty flowers

65. Starry skies

66. Time by myself

67. Pretty sunsets or sunrises

68. Fast wifi

69. Buying things on sale

70. Cool hotels

71. Museums

72. A clean home

73. Rainbows

74. Neck kisses

75. Surprise hugs

76. Mma

77. Hockey

78. Fairy lights

79. Walking in warm sand

80. New lipstick

81. Someone playing with my hair

82. Random compliements

83. Art

84. Reminiscing memories

85. Being spontaneous

86. Zip lines

87. Sweet text messages

88. taking pictures

89. going on dates

90. late night talks

91. BBQ

92. Bakeries

93. bubble wrap

94. arcades

95. Taking shoes off

96. Taking bra off

97. Completing a workout

98. Laughing so hard you cry

99. Being hyper and silly

100. getting dressed up
2. A good sweet tea

3. Going to bed in a bed that has been made

4. Snuggles (the right kind of snuggles of course)

5. When Alexis randomly says “I love you mom”

6. Singing crazy loud in the car on the highway

7. Marking something completed on a list

1. Odin

2. Shiva

3. Sunshine

4. Birds singing

5. Going for walks


7. Snuggles with Shiva

8. Watching Odin and Shiva play

9. Playing video games

10. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

11. The dog park

12. Relaxing in the hammock

13. Coffee

14. Music
Yesterday I had started writing down in Google Docs 101 things that make me happy. I was thinking about taking my time with this as there is a lot I wanted to add. But I wanted to see how quickly I could fill this out and what I came up with. Going over the list I'm happy with the result and I thought maybe this could be something I can do once a year and compare them to the previous years' list.
1. Yoga (I've only began but it already feels amazing)

2. Sauna

3. Swimming in a pool

4. Beach (I've been to one since I was a kid)

5. Ponds, lakes, rivers

6. Finished book

7. Travelling with my girlfriends and/or mom

8. When my friend (that I made a teen on internet) visits me

9. Sleepovers (I didn't have them as a kid, and that one time as a teen was awkward but now as an adult, I have many of them with my friends)

10. People liking my my reviews on Goodreads

11. Making new penpals (haven't had much luck as of lately, it's either creeps or I get ghosted) :P

12. Cats (cuddly floops)

13. Poems (18+)

14. Planners!

15. Shopping for makeup products

16. Volleyball (haven't played since middle school)

17. Swings (man, the one thing I'd tell my younger self? SWING ON SWINGS AND DON'T STOP)

18. My curls being curly and not being meh

19. Hot summers spent NOT in the city

20. That feeling you get during spring days and summer nights, that love will come your way and fill your lungs with happiness and giddy energy :)

21. Mom getting out of her years long funk and buying things for herself, treating herself

22. Getting lost in the bookshop

23. Libraries

24. Reading in the park

25. Movies

26. Music

27. Fanfiction

28. Doggos, big doggos

29. Decluttering and deep cleaning

30. Shopping for gifts

31. Packing care packages from my friend from another city

32. Receiving hand written letters

33. Lancome perfume (I've never had one, they were always above my budget but this year I must purchase one)

34. Jewelly

35. Soft flannel shirts for men (because the ones they make for women is always lacking in maneuverability and/or softness)

36. Skating (with friends and music like in movies, even tho' i am crap at it XD)

37. Riding bicycle

38. Flowers

39. Beautyboxes (someday, someway I'll find the one for me and subscribe, I swear)

40. Dusks, especially in countryside

41. Quality ice cream. Quality ice cream that doesn't cost freaking fortune.

42. Alcoholic cocktails that my friend makes (she's rather good at it)

43. Milky Way. Just to be in this place in the world where stars are right above your head.

44. Making progree on Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

45. Baking. Successful baking.

46. Preparing a feast and day off for mom.

47. Beautiful and COMFORTABLE shoes!

48. Divination
1. Watching snow fall

2. Cats

3. The Christmas season

4. Chocolate

5. Wearing necklaces

6. Seeing a favorite band in concert

7. Playing The Sims games

8. Yoga with Adriene videos

9. Soap that smells and feels good

10. Glass jars

11. Big, comfy sweaters

12. The stars

13. The moon

14. Geology

15. Christmas lights

16. Iced coffee

17. Organic fruit

18. Soft serve ice cream

19. Leaving work on a Friday

20. Getting good grades

21. Autumn

22. Golden retrievers

23. Leaving the dentist with clean teeth and no cavities

24. Parks and Recreation

25. Getting someone a gift they will love

26. Listening to the SYSK podcast

27. Sitting on the balcony on a nice day

28. Mozzarella cheese

29. A clean, well-organized home

30. Making people laugh

31. Going to Fire Island

32. Early summer mornings

33. The colors of a sunset

34. A good meal at a nice restaurant

35. Harry Potter nostalgia

36. When the underdog wins

37. Getting a manicure/pedicure

38. The Great British Bake Off

39. Finishing a work out

40. When someone is happy to see me

41. Genuine compliments

42. Winning a game

43. Pokemon

44. Cuddly stuffed animals

45. Doing something good for the environment

46. NY Pizza Suprema

47. Successfully cooking a new recipe

48. Farmer's markets

49. Helping others

50. The morning when I'm leaving for a trip/vacation

51. Taking a risk that pays off

52. Comfortable clothes that also look nice

53. When my boyfriend buys me flowers

54. Funny memes

55. When I look good in a photo

56. When my boyfriend does nice things for me (e.g., pack my lunch, cook dinner, etc.)

57. Long weekends

58. Buddhist philosophy

59. Baby animals

60. Wholesome, feel-good movies

61. Driving on an open road

62. Well-timed cancellations

63. Bookstores

64. Free food

65. Meeting someone with similar opinions/interests

66. Getting a good deal

67. Free workouts online

68. Hot chocolate with whipped cream

69. Traveling somewhere new

70. Seeing my mom in a good mood

71. Getting a spa treatment

72. Seeing weight loss progress

73. A good hair day

74. When my makeup looks natural

75. A warm, filling breakfast

76. Having a dishwasher

77. Having a washer/dryer

78. Saturdays with no obligations

79. Arriving early

80. Salads that taste good

81. When an animal wants to sit with me

82. Polite kids

83. An alcoholic drink that doesn't taste like alcohol

84. Achieving a goal

85. When others think my ideas are good

86. Walking in a park on a nice day

87. Peace

88. Genuine hugs

89. Feeling focused and productive

90. Fireflies

91. Butterflies

92. Real flowers

93. Getting the best seats

94. Arriving to a clean hotel room

95. The feeling when it all "clicks"

96. Warm laundry from the dryer

97. Seeing my savings increase

98. Funny animal videos

99. Cozy warmth on a cold day

100. Feeling loved and appreciated
1. Dermot Kennedy

2. Concerts

3. London

4. Ireland

5. Werewolf Online

6. Books

7. Real Madrid

8. Food

9. Rain

10. Eurovision Song Contest

11. YouTube

12. Cats

13. Harry Potter

14. Pretty outfits

15. The colour yellow

16. Flowers

17. Playing the guitar

18. Music

19. Summer

20. Dresses

21. Pepsi

22. Vanilla scented everything

23. Cinema

24. The sea

25. Wind

26. Strangers smiling at me

27. The smell of coffee

28. Hot Chocolate

29. Floral prints

30. Fairy lights

31. Travelling

32. Airports

33. Flixbus

34. Vinyl records

35. Polaroid pictures

36. Necklaces

37. Amusement parks

38. Pizza

39. Casting shows like The Voice

40. Singing

41. Winning games

42. Having luck

43. Chocolate covered strawberries

44. Red grapes

45. Honey melon

46. The salad bar at the grocery store

47. Ice skating

48. Dancing

49. Hugs

50. The very first snow in winter

51. Cereal

52. Warm blankets

53. Christmas markets

54. City lights

55. Perfume

56. Finding memories of my childhood

57. Ribbons

58. Suitcases

59. Green sparkly shoes

60. Thoughtful gifts

61. Silence

62. Birds

63. Small tattoos

64. Butterflies

65. Online School

66. Ravenclaw

67. Waffles

68. Movies

69. Ed Sheeran

70. Watching Germany's Next Topmodel

71. People taking care of me

72. A fully charged phone

73. Chocolate milk

74. Warm blankets

75. Fashion

76. Being bold

77. Guys stopping me in the streets to compliment me

78. Green eyes

79. Inside jokes

80. Languages

81. So elixir perfume

82. Oversized hoodies

83. People coming to me for advice

84. Wit

85. Completing lists

86. Challenges

87. Space

88. Sleep

89. Mermaid swimming

90. Creating or fixing something by myself

91. Nicknames

92. Rediscovering a long forgotten song

93. Cafés

94. Being the best at something

95. Hockey

96. Presents

97. Pure love

98. Dogs

99. Someone remembering positive things about me

100. Making others happy
2. The seaside

I went away for a week down in Dorset and I realised how happy being by the sea made me. It was glorious weather, but looking back I've even loved being by the sea in not so great weather!

Maybe it's the fresh sea air filling my lungs, watching the sea birds, or maybe it's the sounds of the waves or walking barefoot in the sand. The sounds of my footsteps along a wooden pier or watching the boats go by. Maybe it's all of this and more.

All I know is that when I'm close to the sea, I'm able to slow down and acknowledge each moment.
1) Singing

2) Reading

3) Travelling

4) Walking in Nature.

5) Coffee

6) Running

7) Finding something that is Vegan

8) Finding a new Vegan restaurant

9) Meeting new friends

10) Taking steps to fulfil my dreams

11) Fulfiling my dreams

12) My Husband

13) Thinking and talking about our Wedding

14) Spending time with friends.

15) Drinking wine.

16) Chocolate

17) Working for myself

18) Being a member of the Beltane Fire Society.

19) Listening to music I love

20) Enjoying a good movie

21) Inspiring other people to live their dreams

22) Good news

23) A good night sleep

23) Having a pamper evening.

24) Animals

25) Finding out I am going to be a "Gothmother"

26) Being around friends children

27) Having my haircut

28) Planning the future

29) Making new vegan friends

30) Taking part in Beltane

31) Making money

32) Finding money

33) Feeling free to be myself

34) Expressing myself

35) Learning new things.

36) Meditation

37) Pampering myself

38) Pampering my friends

39) Planning travel

40) Our first wedding anniversary

41) Being at home

42) Vegan Advocacy

43) Meeting people that I admire

44) Being a Geek

45) Feeling free to be myself.

46) Not caring what other people think.

47) Finding and creating my life purpose

48) Metal

49) Going to Metal nights

50) Watching a movie

51) Buying books

52) Getting stuff for free

53) Living in Edinburgh and seeing the views

54) Watching Formula One

55) Go to Metal Festivals

56) Going to Edinburgh Pride

57) Walking up Carlton Hill

58) Playing Pokemon Go - getting a new Pokemon.

59) Sex

60) Discovering a new band

61) Buying gig tickets

62) Learning that I could do Acro

63) Booking festival tickets before it sells out!

64) Discovering that I can play drums

65) Connecting with my Metal loving friends

66) Being alone

67) Walking along Water of Leith

68) Walking through Stockbridge

69) Travelling alone

70) Realising my own worth

71) Realising my own power

72) Gaining my confidence

73) Funny videos

74) Seeing other people succeed.

75) Grabbing new opportunities.

76) Writing

77) Having my work recognised

78) Swimming

79) Drinking good wine

80) Watching old Dr Who's

81) Finding a Gin I like

82) Booking my next holiday

83) Going for coffee alone

84) Learning a new skill

85) Going to the gym

86) Connecting with new people

87) Coming out as pansexual

88) Watching a new movie

89) Booking my next holiday

90) Starting my journey on becoming Zero Waste

91) Getting my piercings back.

92) Connecting with fellow Digital Nomads

93) Spending time with my nephews

94) Going to Metal festivals

95) Formula One

96) Cars

97) Bikes

98) Being at the beach

99) Handing in my notice at the job I hate.

100) Finding a new TV series I love.

1. Trees

2. Stars

3. Cats
1. Puppies

2. Yoga

3. Walking in nature

4. Good wine

5. Hugging

6. Mushroom foraging

7. Swimming in a lake or a sea

8. Eating tasty food

9. Reading a good book

10. When John makes me food

11. Taking a bath

12. Good science results

13. Spa breaks

14. Ice cream on a hot day

15. Bright mornings

16. Seeing my nephews

17. Coffee in the morning when I’m really tired

18. When I watch movie\tv series and there’s a romance forming between two awkward people

19. Quirky family traditions

20. Creating my own little family with John

21. Reading a silly magazine on the weekend after hard week at work

22. Prossecco celebrations with girls

23. Coffee art

24. Baby animals in spring time

25. Fish and chips in Tynemouth

26. Weekend adventures

27. Good window seat on train

28. Watching birds

29. After run feeling

30. Facials


1. Bird watching

As I gazed out of the kitchen window, washing the dishes, I realised that watching birds visit my garden brings me a lot of joy.

My garden isn't very big, and is just a patchy lawn with a path running down the middle and a slightly unruly apple tree half way down. It's not the worst garden I've ever seen but it needs a lot of work.

Anyway, as I stared out of the window, I saw two birds that I think were mistle thrushes hopping about the lawn picking out worms and insects. Then I saw a couple of smaller birds - a robin and I think a coal tit which was feeding from my bird feeder. And to finish off, a blackbird which was also digging around looking for insects in the lawn.

It was so mesmerising watching them go about their business that I think I'm going to have to work at making my garden into a haven for the birds!
1. Being with My family.

2. Being with Friends.

3. When my mom hugs me and kisses me.

4. Watching movies with happy endings.

5. Dancing.

6. Spending time with my brother.

7. Foot massages.

8. When i get paid.

9. When someone is nice.

10. Old people in love.

11. Seeing my parents in love.

12. Reading.

13. listening to my music.

14. When someone says im Beautiful not just hot.

15. When I read a HP/ Twilight book for the first time.

16. Eating hot cheetos with chile.

17. Seeing someone you've missed.

18. When i see my Grandparents.

19. Listening to Mariachis

20. Talking about Mexico

21. Going to Mexico.

22. When I can watch whatever i want on TV.

23. When a favorite movie comes out on TV.

24. Watching Grease

25. Seeing someone proposing.

26. Hugging sarge.

27. Kicking it with the guys.

28. Those REAL hugs.

29 Remembering happy moments.

30. Slow dancing

31. Rock and roll dancing with my brother.

32. When my brother hugs me when I have been crying.

33. Getting front row parking.

34. When I see how much I've saved Couponing.

35. Eating.

36. Getting free stuff.

37.when someone recognizes my hard work.

38. When one of my kids is able to get a hard problem.

39. When my kids hug me.

40. When I am able to have one of my kids listen to me.

41. When I pass a test.

42. When It finally clicks in class.

43. When I got my graduation application approved.

44. When Glinda Medina called me to say I got the job.

45. When I passed Psych 350.

46. Finding a movie dvd I was looking for.

47. A good song coming on the radio.

48. Finding money in my pocket or didn't know I had.

49. When the Ice cream is soft.

50. Looking at old pictures.

51. Seeing someone I haven't seen in a long time.

52. Having stupid conversations with friends.

53. Nights out with my cousins.

54. Being able to pay off a credit card.

55. Putting my toes in the beach of the Dominican Republic.

56. Wearing the dress.

57. When I feel pretty in Pageant outfits.

58. Relay

59. Gobble Gobble

60. When there is no traffic.

61. Reading the end of Love Rosie

62. Laughing so hard it hurts

63. Making death shot in BP

64. Being able to travel.

65. Seeing St. Patricks Cathedral.

66. Mom's kisses

67. Finding a bathroom when I really have to pee.

68. Being able to afford more things.

69. Being able to pay things on my own like school.

70. Paying for graduation.

71. When i received my sashes

72. Graduation Day

73. When My parents brought me mariachi.

74. When I was able to hold my diploma.

75. Finishing the mud run

76. When my kiddo was happy for passing to 6th grade.

77. Getting a raise.

78. When I get to take naps.

79. When the internet is fast.

80. Seeing Paris

81. Seeing breathtaking views

82. When I wake up in another country

83. When I taste sweet wine

84. When I choose a good book

85. Seeing beautiful vintage clothes

86. When I visited the Grand Canyon

87. When I went to Dia National De La Banda

88. When I moved out

89. When I got an orgasm

90. sex

91. Spending time with Gordo

92. When planning my best friends wedding

93. Eating Good Food








1. Razvan
2. Mia
3. Soarele
4. Gym
5. Desenul
6. Cititul
7. Cand fac pe cineva fericit
8. Cand ajut alte persoane
9. Tataie
10. Dulciurile
11. Hainele
12. Cumparaturile
13. Telefonul
14. Internetul
15. Scrisul
16. Surprizele
17. Ceaiul de tei/musetel
18. Zambetele oamenilor
19. Sunetul ploii
20. Sunetul pasarelelor
21. Cand ma pupa pe frunte
22. Cand ma ia in brate pe la spate
23. Cand imi cumpara cineva mancare
24. Fotografii favoriti
25. Machiajul
27. Visele
28. Fotografia
29. Istoria
30. Biologia
31. Andru
32. Cand ma alinta rau rau
33. Sa stau singura
34. Vacantele
45. Cadourile
46. Cand imi iese bine ceva ce gatesc
47. Mirosul placut
48. Cand cumpar carti
49. Casa curata
50. Cand am o zi productiva
51. Sa merg la inot
52. Sa stau la plaja cand este soare si apa frumoasa
53. Sa mi se aduca ceva de mancare cand mi-e foame
54. Lenjerie de pat fresh
55. Dupa ce ma epilez si se simte corpul fin
56. Sa facem bradutul de Craciun
57. Craciunul
58. Cand decorez pt fiecare sarbatoare
59. Cand primesc flori
60. Sa ma joc cu xbox controller (the 2 of us, toy story etc)
61. Cerul/norii si sa il/ii fotografiez
62. Sa rad rau la stand up comedy (costel)
63. Golden Hour
64. Rasaritul/Apusul
65. Stelele
64. Picnic
65. Foculet de tabara
66. Gradinaritul
67. Bubble bath
68. Cand ma uit prin unele poze vechi
69. Sa fac curat pe hdd/laptop/telefon
70. Roast dinners
71. Cand planuiesc o vacanta
72. Tiktok
73. Mirosul hainelor spalate
74. Sa invat pe duolingo
75. Complimente din partea strainilor (nu numai)
76. Cand gasesc bani in haine pe care nu le-am mai purtat de mult
77. Cand ma trezesc si este soare afara
78. Cand ma trezesc si miroase a breakfast si este si pt mine
79. O imbratisare din partea cui trebuie
80. Thrifting
81. Cand primesc un colet
82. Cand sunt langa cine conduce si cant si dansez
83. Filmele/serialele
84. Sucul de pere
85. Painea facuta de mine
86. Mirosul de eucalipt
87. Karaoke
88. Cand vin acasa dupa o zi lunga in alta parte si ma intampina Mia
89. Cand port tricoul lui iub
90. Tumblr/Pinterest
91. Lenjeria de pat si prosoapele din hotel
92. Florile presate
93. Atunci cand visez la casa/familia pe care o voi avea intr-o zi
94. Cand se joaca in parul meu/ imi face masaj
95. Cand ma trezesc si este totul alb afara pt ca a nins si nu trebuie sa plec nicaieri
96. Sa merg desculta
97. Cand se aud greierii
98. Date nights
99. Cand scriu in jurnal
100. Thunderstorms noaptea cand ma bag la somn.
1. Feeding people

2. Singing

3. Travel

4. Making music

5. Making music with my friends

6. Sushi

7. Costumes

8. Getting dressed up

9. Stars

10. Magic

11. Presents

12. Being good at things

13. Being in the water

14. Libraries

15. Words

16. Masks

17. Archery

18. LEGO

19. Board games

20. Card games

21. Video games

22. Bubbles

23. Being alone in nature

24. Being outdoors with my friends

25. Eating outdoors

26. Ice cream

27. Books

28. Learning

29. Road trips

30. Falling in love

31. Kissing

32. Hugs

33. Baking

34. Naps

35. Feeling strong

36. Adventures

37. Creating

38. Breaking things!!

39. Puppies

40. Kittens

41. Chickens

42. Waterfalls

43. Bicycling

44. Making beautiful things

45. Campfires

46. Candles

47. Sunshine

48. Good sunglasses. :)

49. Theme parks

50. Water parks

51. Mountains

52. Festivals

53. Letters

54. Pedicures

55. Moving heavy things

56. Maps

57. Consent

58. Touch

59. Orgasms

60. Staying up all night talking and laughing

61. Waffles

62. Twinkling lights

63. Presents

64. Soulful discussions

65. Cute shoes

66. Sunrise

67. Travel

68. Dancing

69. Cunnilingus

70. Poetry

71. Giraffes

72. Red pandas

73. Trees

74. Flowers

75. Chocolate

76. Chai

77. Cinnamon

78. Ginger

79. Lime

80. Sunshine

81. Sunrise

82. Sunset

83. The moon

84. Snorkeling


86. Spelunking

87. Crispy pickles

88. Olives

89. Mimosas

90. Hummingbirds

91. Warm breezes

92. Sailing

93. Oceans

94. Cupcakes

95. Small foods

96. Nice bourbon

97. Caramel

98. Coffee

99. Teaching

100. Love
90. Dyeing my hair.

91. New notebooks.

92. Buying new books.

93. Sticking to my calories and macros.

94. Exercising.

95. Getting stronger by lifting weights.

96. Hoyun.

97. Movie and food marathon days.

98. Having my favorite songs on repeat.

99. Getting a good night's sleep.
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